” This Meghan Markle is a spoiled brat who deserves a good spanking!” the Abbess said to Sr.Agnes. The two Nun’s were watching a News segment on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “I agree,I would take great satisfaction in placing them both over my knee and teaching them a lesson they would never forget,” Sr.Agnes said.
“It certainly is a great shame that they do not see the need to confess ,I am sure they would have quite a lot to confess too.”I would take great pleasure in birching them both,” the Abbess said.
“Ah,well,some will always escape their just desserts I am afraid,” Sr.Agnes said.
The Abbess and Sr.Agnes went through their day,there was many more to be thrashed and the Abbess enjoyed using her birch.

A week passed and a registered letter arrived. The Abbes was sitting in her study when the very official looking envelope was placed on her desk by her maid who said, “Mother Abbess, this was delivered by hand,by an Equerry,he said that it must be handed to you without delay as the contents are ‘time sensitive’,” the maid said meekly.
“Very well,girl, place it on my desk;are you going about your work in a timely fashion?” the Abbess inquired sternly.
“Yes,Mother Abbess,” the maid said,bowing low.
“Then run a long ,girl,or I will have to thrash you for wasting time!” the Abbess quipped.
The maid hurried from the Abbess’ study and the Abbess took her seat behind her desk. She looked at the envelope and opened it,what she read delighted her,she felt weak with excitement,she sat back in her chair and said aloud, “The Duke and Duchess making a visit to our little Convent!” She grinned broadly at the thought,she re read the letter,she found it hard to believe that both these Royal’s were in fact begging to be allowed into her presence so that they could “…make a frank and full confession and receive just and lasting chastisement…that they would both benefit a great deal from….”
The Abbess stood up and walked to her closet,she opened the door and took out one of her canes,she stroked the cane and then flexed it,she swished it through the air and delighted at the sound,she began to feel that old familiar excitement rise deep within her,she closed her eyes and imagined the sight,the Duke and Duchess of Sussex bending over her table,side by side,bare bottoms exposed and she administering a most private but delicious chastisement on those two Royal Posteriors.She was beginning to feel quite flushed and retook her seat behind her desk just in time for Sr.Agnes to knock at her door.
“This is wonderful news,Abbess,it seems our work here in our little convent has not gone unnoticed ,what a joyous occasion this will be; I trust that you will not spare the rod on them,Mother Abbess?” Sr.Agnes said excitedly .
“Oh certainly not,I will thrash their Royal Posteriors as I would thrash a common Posterior.,wickedness knows no social class,it needs to be thrashed out of those who are wicked,regardless of social standing.As you know,Sr.Agnes,we have people from all walks of life coming to us Lawyers,Doctors,Teachers,Students,Parents and so on and so forth all of whom share a desire to confess and receive a sound thrashing!” the Abbess said.Sr.Agnes could hear the excitement in the Abbess’ voice.
“Now ,Sr.Agnes, I am afraid that I will be quite busy for a number of hours once the Royal Penitent’s arrive,so I am entrusting you with chastisement of those I would have beaten,” the Abbess said producing a list of names.
Sr.Agnes took the list and read down through the names,she licked her lips slowly at the prospect of thrashing so many bottoms.
“I am only too happy to assist you,Mother Abbess”,Sr.Agnes said.