At last she let go of me, sat back and wrote more
notes. “Nothing to worry about,” she smiled, “but
do examine yourself frequently. It can strike men
as early as in their mid thirty’s.”

I dropped the gown. It hung up on my erection, so I
pulled it over. That only seemed to make matters
worse, for now it formed an obvious tent in front
of me. I started to climb off the table when she
said, “Please get up on the table, on your knees,
facing the wall.”

Too embarrassed to object or ask why, I complied.
Once again very conscious of the opening at the
back of the gown, I knelt at the edge of the table.

“Bend over, knees apart, head and shoulders on the
table, please.”

“Oh God, what now?” I thought, but did as I was
told, with my ass way up high, the front of the
short gown hanging almost to my knees. I worried
how exposed my rear was. I was sure the gown was
open back there.

I felt fingers on my back, then realized she was
untying the straps holding the gown closed! I
watched as the front of the gown fell all the way
to the table. My ass, my balls and my wildly
engorged penis were all on display, and I was
placed in a most humiliating posture. I felt hands
on my ass cheeks, spreading them and cool air on my

“Good. No sign of hemorrhoids, no rash, no fissures
or prolapsing.”

The hands left. I felt something pressing against
my perineum. It made my already hard cock even

“Prostate problems don’t usually arise in males as
young as you, but it pays to check. Early detection
is the best defense,” the nurse was saying. I
hardly heard her for the embarrassment and, yes,
admit it, sexual arousal. My heartbeat was pounding
in my ears.

Then there was a hard pressure between my balls and
my asshole, pressure and movement. Every movement
translated to my penis in some weird way, and I
felt pre-ejaculatory fluid begin to run through and
drip from my penis. The pressure relented and I
heard her pen scratching as she wrote.

I could see nothing but the cloth of the gown
hanging from my armpits.

I heard a snap like a bottle cap, then something
cool was against my anus.

Something cool and slippery was sliding around my
anus, rimming it.

“Just relax. This won’t hurt a bit.” she said.

The cool and slippery thing began to intrude,
pressing at first subtly, then more insistently. My
instinctive reaction was to clench up, but I tried
to relax and loosen up. Then it was in. And, to my
surprise, immediately withdrew. More of the cool
stuff on my anus, and it (I assumed it was her
finger) was in again. And it wormed around a bit
before it withdrew again.