I had been thinking about it for while, a long while. Since my teens when I found that paperback book. I could not believe my luck! I had stopped at a yard sale while out for bike ride on the 8th day of camping. Anything to break up the boredom! It was a “loaner” from the campground. One of those three wheel bikes with the huge basket on the back. I was an avid reader and stopped to check out a box of books marked “free”. There was the usual assortment of westerns and romance novels as well as a few of the classics. I was camping with my parents. (Oh joy! Stuck in a Motor home in the middle of no place for two weeks with just Mom and Dad. My dream vacation! LOL) Nothing really caught my eye but hell, I needed SOMETHING to kill the time! I asked the lady “How many can I take?” She replied “Take them all if you want. I just want them gone.” So I grabbed the whole box and thew it into the basket. I figured I would sort them when I got back to the campground. The campground had a few books to borrow at the camp office (I had read all I was interested in.) and I figured I would drop off what I did not want there. Getting back to our camp site, my parents had left a note saying they went for a walk. Cool, that gives me time to sort the books with out being interrupted. The books were stacked on edge so the spines were facing up so you could read the titles. About three or four layers. Must have been 25-30 books in the box. I sorted out the romance novels and tagged them immediately to take to the office. Next were the westerns, not really my thing but it could be worse. I found a few scifi/fantasy books and couple of classics I had not read yet and stashed them aside for later perusal. As I got closer to the bottom of the box JACKPOT! Porn! The first title that caught my eye was “Stewardess in heat!”. I looked around to see if my parents were coming or if anyone else was around. Nope! All clear. The next few were more of the same, “Taming A Nymph” “Hot School Girls in Lust” “Susie’s Love Education” and the like. Corny titles looking back on it now, but then it sounded so HOT! Pure stroke material. About 15 or so books in all. I was flipping through them as I was sorting them, I got about half though the “dirty books” and seen my parents walking up the road, they had stopped at the camp office and I figured I had better hide the good stuff! I scooped them up and looked for a place to hide them. I remembered the cabinet on the back of the motor home that held the spare tire. I figured that they would be safe enough there unless we got a flat on the way home and stuffed them in there. This was awesome! I had stroke bait for weeks if I could get them home.