It’s during the best season that you peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sister very good, like in my case :-P. It was a nice day of summer, august end-august i remember, when i and my sister were at home with an our cousin (young like us :-P), my sister and our cousin are sitting on the bed and started to joking with the cellulars so i take a chair and i am satted front to them πŸ˜› for to joke with they πŸ˜› but also for peek a bit πŸ˜› because our cousin had a skirt until at more or less the knees while my sister was with an habitual tunic for home, color white, at a certain point while our cousin keep her legs namely her knees united because maybe she had a bit noticed that i did a bit the voyeur (also this our cousin is nice and hottie πŸ˜› like my sister, but my sis is more nice and hottie :-P) my sister instead inavertly opens a bit her legs and i see her panties or big Pant πŸ˜› because it occupied the entire part between her thighs namely that what i seen between her thighs, and i notice her inner thighs that are nice white and also nice heavenly πŸ˜› and that very nice Pant white-dense πŸ˜› almost right frontally from my visual :-P, that nice moment was dured a little :-P, then they are gone away, i, anyway, i was obviously very glad of to have been able to saw my sister, for a little, with that nice big (maybe :-P) Pant between her beautiful thighs white-heavenly :-P, i must say that i was left myself very positively impressed for her inner of thighs heavenly in addition to the other beautiful thoughts that i had about my sister already from a bit of time to that part :-P. Little time after it was always a beautiful sunny day of end-summer when i got home and there are my parents and a relative (not our cousin that i have recount before :-P) and there is also my sister who wears a beautiful adherent heavenly tunic for the house, the same one that, some time before, it had provoked at me the best erection of my life, (situation, in brief, of that time there that i have already recounted in a my previously story to this = i was entered in the room from lunch and my sister was sitted on a chair, with the view of she frontal, with that adherent heavenly tunic, i begin to look at her a bit on her legs that were nude and also white without feeling myself too embarrassed given my level a little hidden inside of voyeur quite high πŸ˜› then after a bit for to talk with her i turn around and i see her from up to the down that she was always sitted on that chair and always with the view of she frontal and she has her fleshy and white knees, and also a bit more above of her knees :-P, out from the bottom of the skirt of that adherent tunic and her legs nude and white were open wide or well spread apart, as you prefer, and bended and with the feet bent on the tips above her low hooves with nice small socks sport white that ended at her skinny ankles and the calves at balls and nice white and nice tough and my cock, in way automatic! :-P, it becames like the diamond of the rock that it would the hardest mineral in nature! :-P), so also in this occasion my sister, with that adherent heavenly tunic, she was always in this way, with legs bare and low hooves but with feet nude, so i was very glad of to see her in this way, and i start at peek her, at a certain point my sister sit on an armchair in front of the TV, she has crossed the legs that come out almost entirely from that fitting tunic, and the nice hard calf to the leg of under :-P, I naturally sit down, laterally to her, on one chair beside at the table, with the excuse of to watch tv, toghether at she, for to admire her beautiful legs nude and also the feet bare on the low hooves, with her overlapping towards of me πŸ˜› (but even if she had put in the opposite direction I would have been the same there to peek her :-P), but in the fateful crossroads of the overlap I not succeed lot at peek the panties, so i have had a good idea :-P, I get up and i started to look her through the mirror that is situated above the forniture beside at the TV and at hight man (at the head of the man namely :-P), with obviously the excuse of to look at what was on that forniture πŸ˜› so i, frontally with the mirror, below at her intersection I succeed at to peek a bit her panties, that seemed white, not limpid but a little opaque :-P, then at certain point, she remove the overlap and she fixs the feet (namely the soles of hooves) on the ground and keeps her legs a bit open :-P, and so I can to see, always through the mirror πŸ˜› , there in the middle, and I see the part bottom of those panties, but then damn! πŸ˜› comes our mother that puts herself beside to me and covers at me the beautiful view, after a while my sister gets up and goes away, i continue to search her for the house and I go to the kitchen where I find her with our relative, she’s smiling a bit but because she talk with our relative and not because she had noticed me before? πŸ˜› i don’t know :-P, then after a bit i go away in the bathroom and i succeed at shot myself right away a nice handjob with the sperm nice dense and white πŸ˜› (i didn’t want wait a moment more quiet πŸ˜› because i had a lot of load :-P, and then in my room there was a bit of going and cum with my mother, still! :-P). I always remember this beautiful gimmick of the mirror also if at the end i have had a small mockery :-P, but I could not certainly curse our mother :-P, also because if in that moment that my mother had covered me that beautiful vision the luck had turned my back so to speak :-P, little time before of this episode always thanks at the nice tunics for the house of my sister, over to the episode of the best erection of my life namely that she was sitted on a chair with legs nude and white open wide and bended and the feet bended on tiptoes and with the calves at balls :-P, also i had a very beautiful view of her with the downblouse while we eating at the table πŸ˜› and then at the home near sea, always a bit time before, a nice view of an her nice Pant white (also these last two episodes i recounted both in my previously stories :-P) and then as i said before at the beginning of this story πŸ˜› with our cousin :-P, and especially then, little time after, toward end summer-beginning of autumn, the luck would have me fully rewarded of that small mockery (namely of our mother ahead the mirror :-P) in the peeking my sister, always at home and always thanks to her tunics for the house, in the middle of her naked legs :-P.