Previously described in another story of mine, college girls love keeping up with current fashion trends and sometimes for us guys with jacket/ coat/ parka fetishes, it’s great!

I had recently returned to college to study the 2nd year of my course and I was wating outside of one of the many rooms we studied in. I was on my phone just browsing Facebook etc and I hear some voices down the corridor, I look up and see a group of girls walking my way, the ones at the front veer off to walk out of the building but one of them didn’t and headed my way. She was wearing a pair of vans, black slightly ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top and most importantly, a Topshop Navy bomber jacket. She had proper blonde hair too and a fantastic rear so it really got me looking her up and down, she didn’t really notice as she was on her phone too but damn, what a sight. If I could have paused time, I would’ve just taken a picture of her for later ‘use’ and just wanted to have fun with her and mainly her jacket too.

The Blonde with the Topshop Navy Bomber Jacket
She was fortunately enough applying for one of the courses I was studying but a year below mine. I walked into the class room as the lecturers knew me and took a seat. I loaded my PC up and waited for it to allow for me to log in. My lecturer leaves his seat and then invites someone in. I slowly turn my chair around to look at who he was inviting in and it was her. He sat down and soon realised that she didn’t have a seat for her to sit in. I saw what was happening and offered up my seat. They both laughed and joked about how he didn’t have a seat prepared and that “I was fine grabbing another seat” but really, I just wanted to give my seat to her so that I knew she had sat in it (A really weird thought process but whatever…) They proceeded to have a conversation and as I was grabbing another chair to sit in, she was taking her Topshop Bomber Jacket off from her shoulders but the lecturer had asked her a question so it sat from off her shoulders for a little bit as she thought about what she was going to say. I just looked over and damn, when girls do that with their jackets, I love it! I proceeded to sit down and she just literally dropped her jacket onto the ground. Damn I wished I was that part of the ground! The lecturer made another joke/ comment about how I would take “Care of her coat for her” to which I looked over like “Okay…?” The three of us shared a laugh and they continued on with their conversation but damn, I wish I was as then I could’ve taken her Bomber Jacket off from the floor and said “I’m just finding a place to hang it up for you” and then just taken it to the loo’s and fucked it good.