The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 2This is a story that involves the discovery of the joy of cross dressing. If you have no interest in this fetish you will want to move to another story. I would appreciate your comments.

I had promised myself to never touch that catalog again. But how was I supposed to deny myself the trigger to my new found obsession and the stuff shooting out? Yes this was the day that I discovered that my little cock could spurt white stuff and feel really good like my friends said it would. But they said rubbing it really hard would do it. No what really does it is to use the catalog to look at pretty woman in their under garments.

I went to bed that night wanting to use the book again. I had seen my mother in her new bra and girdle and I knew I would probably never see such a beautiful sight again. But the catalog with the picture of that same bra and girdle could be the key to making my boner feel good again. As I lay in my bed in the dark I pictured my Mom in that girdle. It fit her so tightly especially between her legs.

I had no idea what a woman looked like there, but I knew that she was smooth, no lumps or bumps and my little boner popped up hard every time I thought about how the girdle fit. I had read the description from start to finish, “a nylon tricot crotch.” Well I knew what a crotch was but what was nylon tricot?

My hand went inside my underwear and I began stroking my hard little cock and it felt so good I pulled my underwear off and enjoyed the feeling of being naked from the waist down. My hand found my cock again, I loved the feeling of my fingers sliding up and down, but somehow nothing happened except feeling good. The house was quiet, my Mom and Aunt Charlotte had been in the living room talking and laughing.

Dad had gone to bed, “you two girls better call it a night,” he said, “You’ll keep the whole house from sleeping.” I heard footsteps in the hall when they stopped talking and my door opened slowly. I closed my eyes most of the way and pretended to be asleep. I knew it was Mom checking on me. She came into the room and touched my forehead, pulled a blanket up further, and left.

She left the door open a bit further, the talking and laughing was over. I had my hand on my boner again, it was feeling really good, but I knew it couldn’t happen because I didn’t have that catalog. I saw a shadow in the hall and waited in silence. It was Aunt Charlotte headed to the bathroom. And “Geez she is wearing nothing but her bra and panties,” I screamed in my mind.

My little cock throbbed with the sight of her slowly walking down the hall. That meant she would need to come back down the hall. I waited, it seemed like hours. Then the toilet flushed, I waited, my little cock ached, the throbbing was like the time I hit my thumb with the hammer. I closed my eyes and rubbed it some more thinking it would stop the throbbing.