The Blue Girdle FantasyThis is another made up story that in some ways parallels the awakening of a lifelong fetish for many cross dressers. In this case I discuss my favorite research document at the age of 11 to 13 years old, the mail order catalogs. If you have no interest in this fetish you will want to move to another story. I would appreciate your comments.

“It is hard being an 11 year old,” I thought as I walked home from school on a cool fall day. My little cock had been hard almost the entire day. Each time Miss Martin walked past my desk I could hear the sounds of her legs rubbing together, I knew she was wearing a girdle like those I studied in the mail order catalogs. A cute girl I had a crush on was wearing a training bra for the first time. I loved seeing the straps through her white blouse and it made me hard just looking at her back.

I got home and didn’t hear anyone talking or moving around, “Mom must be at the store,” I thought as I threw my books down on the counter. I walked down the hall towards my bedroom wondering why my cock was so hard all the time. As I passed my parents bedroom I caught the scent of Mom’s perfume. That lovely scent of my mom filled my head and it was at that moment I noticed the door was open a crack and I heard movement in the room.

To my utter surprise I heard two voices, my mom and my Aunt Charlotte. I had no idea Charlotte had come for a visit and my little cock sprang to life thinking about our last visit to her home a hundred miles from here. It was early morning and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I looked up, it was Aunt Charlotte coming down the steps wearing nothing but panties and a bra. The panties were jet black and the bra was white with little circle stitching around it.

I had never seen anything like this before, she usually wore her slip around the house but this was something that shocked and of course pleased to see. Charlotte looked so much like my mother that they could have been twins. She stopped on the landing and It seemed like she was posing for a mail order catalog. My eyes were glued to her skimpy attire and my little cock was so hard I thought it would explode. She smiled and said, “Good morning Larry, I didn’t know you were awake,” and then continued to the bathroom.

And at this moment hearing her voice got me hard again. I tip toed to the edge of the door hoping to see her in her panties again. What I saw burned in my brain forever. My mother was standing in the middle of the bedroom wearing a blue bra and girdle. I had never seen my mother with anything less than a slip and now I was seeing her in a skin tight panty girdle and a bra that gave her the look of model in my favorite reference work, the mail order catalog.