[Contains: M/Mature F, Celebrity Breeding, Impregnation & Babymaking]

* A snapshot into Kris Jenner’s desire to breed, and scenario on how she conceives black babies *

Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall were present for this “special” occasion as their mom Kris was bent over a bench and ready to be taken from behind. Kris reached out with both hands, and her daughters grasped them and held them in support for what was about to happen.

They watched and smiled as homeless black men, one by one, drove their hard cocks deep into their mother’s tight, mature vagina bareback. After pumping in and out of her pussy for a bit each guy came hard, shooting ropes of thick, white semen through her cervix and into the back of her aged, yet still-fertile womb. Kris squeezed her held hands as she felt the pulses of each guy’s seed inseminating her womb, and as her daughters squeezed their hands back, she tilted her head back with her mouth open in orgasmic delight! Kris pictured in her mind the whole lot of sperm within her coating her waiting eggs and being fertilized. What seemed like an eternity for Kris, an actual hour passed before going through the entire group of homeless men, with Kris having cum intensely multiple times like never before.

After the last guy deposited his hefty load of dirty sperm in her belly, he pulled out and walked off. Kris then released her grips from her daughters’ hands. As they walked behind her to look at their mom’s thoroughly used pussy, she reached under herself and parted her sticky, meaty labia wide open. So much dense sperm filled and saturated her womb to the hilt, that masses of excess baby-batter poured out of Kris’ inundated birth canal. Her daughters saw this, and they smiled happily knowing the future of the family looked to be very bright: the breeding of their mother was most likely successful, resulting in the promising conception of a black baby…or babies!

Kris has longed to be a mother again since her daughters have had several of their own c***dren. Though she was now in her mid-60’s, knowing that she was still fertile gave Kris much motivation and excitement to try to make more k**s, this time black k**s, in her old uterus.

If by some chance this session was not successful in the creation of a black baby, more breeding attempts were indeed fully supported by the homeless community….no shortage of seed providers as lots of homeless black men would line up to get a chance to breed a baby in hot MILF Kris Jenner! Kris’ fertility window was still good and strong, and her wanting to be pregnant again at her age and wanting to grow the family more were desires she wanted to satisfy while still being able to do so.

Kris felt this was a perfect way to give back to the community, and in the end both sides benefit: Homeless black men get a chance to breed in life using her womb, and she herself gets baby out of it!