Angelica was an absolute doll and eager to get laid.

The Captain’s DaughterI had just been appointed as the CEO of a small, but growing IT company in Melbourne, FL, which came with a seven-figure income plus stock options. With that much money, I figured it was time to reward myself with a week-long cruise on a large cruise ship out of Port Canaveral.
I told my travel agent to book me the largest and most luxurious suite available on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. It accommodates 5,400 passengers at double-occupancy and has nine complimentary dining options along with eight specialty restaurants, so I planned to eat a lot and avail myself of as many of its activities as possible.
– – – – –
It was the first night after sailing that I received an invitation to dine at the Captain’s Table! It was a perk for guests who book a suite like mine. We had sailed late, so I hadn’t had any time to explore the huge ship, which is just inches short of the largest cruise ship in the world.
I was seated with five other guests, plus the Captain and his lovely teenage daughter, Angelica, which he had proudly nicknamed Angel. And she was an angel, standing only about five-foot-two with long wavy dark brown hair and an adorable smile. She was Italian like her father, so she had an endearing accent. If that wasn’t distracting enough, she was seated right next to me! I wondered how I was going to make it through the seven-course dinner without pulling her face down to my hard-on, or at the very minimum grabbing a handful of hair on the back of her head and giving her a hard French kiss.
Angel was indeed a lovely and bubbly teenager who, I found out, had done a lot of modeling back in Rome. And I could certainly see why because she had a natural smile and easy-going personality that a camera would love. This cruise was her father’s gift for her eighteenth birthday.
We talked constantly during dinner. I loved the way she pronounced my name, “Beal.” She knew the ship like the back of her hand and it didn’t take her long to offer to show me around the next day. I couldn’t help but fantasize about the possibilities that a tour with Angel might offer.
We were about halfway through the main course when Angel slipped her hand onto my left leg. I cleared my throat in surprise and looked at her. She just winked and smiled like it was a normal and completely acceptable thing for a teenage girl to do to a thirty-five-year-old male guest.
Needless to say, my fantasies after that were vivid and made my cock throb. I tried to finish my meal with Angel rubbing my leg, but when she found and squeezed my hard-on, I almost choked. At that point, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would be fucking sweet little Angel within twenty-four hours. I planned to work a blowjob into the next day’s tour as well.
By the time dessert was served, my cock was throbbing and Angel could definitely feel it. I could only imagine what her sweet mouth was going to feel like as it slid up and down my shaft.
She was rubbing and squeezing it constantly, so I grabbed her hand to stop it, then leaned over and whispered in her ear, “If you don’t stop, I’ll make a mess in my pants.”
She squeezed my cock one more time and whispered back, “That would be a terrible waste. Promise to save it for me later.” Then she slowly and reluctantly moved her hand away from my leg.
Then she said, “Would you like to go dancing after dinner? There are three nice clubs where we can slow dance.”
The possibility of holding Angel in my arms and dancing with my hard-on rubbing her leg almost made me shoot off. “I’d love that, Angel.”
“I like the way you speak my name,” she said as she smiled.
“How do I speak it?”
“Not like an American.”
That made us both laugh. That’s when I saw her perfect white teeth; teeth that I planned to push my cock passed later. In fact, I just might like to feel Angel’s teeth nick my cock a little when I push it down her little throat. I was eager to hear her gag on it, too.
So, when it was appropriate, I said my thanks to her father and we swiftly made our way to a club having a dance band. We found a table and I put my arm around Angel for the first time, running my fingers through her soft hair in the process.
“I love your hair, Angel.” I had to yell it into her ear because the music was so loud.
“Thank you, Beal.”
As I ran my fingers through her hair again, she looked up at me, put her hand on my cheek, and gave me a soft kiss. “I like that, Beal, but you’d better be careful. I might give you a lap dance in front of everybody.”
“That would be nice!” I yelled, trying to imagine her sitting on my lap and thrusting her little crotch on my hard-on.
Then the song ended and the band started to play a slow song. Angel said, “Oh good,” grabbed my hand and headed for the dance floor. I put my arm around her little waist and pulled her to me. She cuddled close as her legs found my hard cock. As we swayed to the music, we both got more and more aroused. The top of Angel’s head came to my chin, so I was enjoying the dance as I kissed the top of her head.
Then she turned her face up, eyes closed, and we kissed rather passionately. I could tell from her heavy breathing and her grinding on my cock, that she was ready to get laid.
“Beal, take me to your cabin. I want you so much!”
I slid my hand down to her ass and pulled her crotch hard against my cock. She responded to my thrusting against it.
“Please Beal,” she begged.
“Let’s go,” I said and we rushed out of the club.
As we made our way to my suite, we had to take an elevator. When the doors closed, Angel threw her arms around my neck, thrust her body against mine, and gave me a French kiss that I’ll never forget. She ground her pussy against my cock like she was fucking it already. Angel was a hot and horny little thing, but I had no idea just how insatiable she was going to be.
When we entered my suite, she said, “Leave the lights on, okay?” Then we kissed hungrily again. I grabbed her little ass and pulled. She once again ground her pussy into my cock as she moaned.
“Beal, I want to suck you. I love to do that,” she whispered as she unbuckled and unzipped my pants, all without taking her eyes from mine.
When she pushed my pants to the floor, she quickly dropped to her knees and rubbed my cock through my boxers. I took her head in my hands, made two fists with her silky hair, and pulled her face to my cock. She kissed and nibbled on it for a few seconds, then pulled my boxers to the floor.
“Oh Beal!” she moaned as she took it in one hand and held my balls in the other.
When she started to lick it up and down, I thought I would shoot off on her face! But when she slipped it into her mouth, I knew for sure that I would come in less than a minute. Angel had definitely sucked cock before and loved doing it. But when she tried to take my eight inches down her throat, she gagged hard and said, “Oh Beal, I want to take it all.”
“Your mouth feels so good, Angel. Try again,” I replied and pulled her head to slide my cock into her mouth again.
But this time when she gagged, I held a slight pressure on her head to encourage her to continue, which she did. She gagged one more time, then pushed it down her throat.
Angel’s tight throat was the most heavenly feeling I’d ever experienced. I automatically pulled harder on her head to force even more cock down. That’s when she coughed and pulled away.
“Oh wow! I did it! I did a deep throat!” Then she went back to do it again.
Immediately I knew that she was going to get a throat full of sperm. As the engorged head of my cock slipped into her tight virgin throat again, I was too close to stop it. I pulled her face hard against my stomach just as my cock exploded. That first hard spurt of cum made her try to jerk away, but I held her head tight. When the second spurt went down her throat, she relaxed and let it happen. She just buried her face deeper into my stomach as the four remaining spurts slipped easily down into her stomach.
I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure! I’d never had a deep throat blowjob before and here was gorgeous little Angel, the Captain’s eighteen-year-old daughter, giving me it to me AND taking my cum down her gullet to boot! I moaned loudly and started to thrust, trying to extend my climax.
But Angel needed to breathe. She was struggling to pull away, so I eased my pressure on her head. She withdrew my cock from her throat and mouth, coughed a couple of times, and said, “Oh my gosh, Beal! You actually came in my throat! That was so amazing!”
“It was amazing for me, too,” I replied, then pulled her to her feet and we kissed.
I unzipped the zipper on the back of her mini-skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she turned around and unbuttoned her silk blouse as I pulled her against me and kissed her neck and shoulders.
“Oh, Beal. I’m so aroused. Make love to me now.” She was wearing no underwear as she turned back around as we kissed and embraced in the nude.
I led her to the king-size bed and we crawled onto it. She lay down, spread her long locks out on the pillow, and waited for me to mount her. But I had other plans first.
I slipped down and started kissing the inside of her legs, working my way up toward her wet pussy. She was moaning and thrusting involuntarily. But when I reached Angel’s little clit and licked it hard, she groaned loudly, grabbed my head, and pulled. Within a minute an orgasm stormed through her body as I continued to suck her clit.
After it was over, Angel said, “Oh Beal, that was so good! You’re such a good lover.”
I kissed my way up to her face and we kissed and rolled around for at least ten minutes when she said, “Tomorrow I want to make love all day. Your tour can wait.”
“That’s a good plan, Angel. And I’d like to fuck you out on the balcony tonight with the wind blowing through your hair and where anyone who looks up can see us.”
Angel squealed and said, “Oh that sounds so erotic! Maybe my dad will see us! Or maybe people will point at us!”
“Well, I hope that doesn’t happen.”
“Why, Beal? I think it would be very exciting to have people watching us having sex. I want you to do me from behind as I lean over the railing like you’re forcing me. I’ll struggle and ask you to stop, but you can’t stop.”
“Now you’re getting me aroused again,” I said as I felt my cock getting hard.
“I know. I can feel your cock getting ready to fuck me on the balcony.”
We kissed some more to get me ready, then went out on the balcony. The breeze was warm and salty, and the lighted pool below was full of guests. There was calypso music playing, and people were dancing. No one was looking up at us, so I pushed Angel against the railing where she bent over. I easily pushed my cock up into her, and she moaned loudly.
“Oh Beal, you feel so good. This is so exciting!”
I continued to fuck Angel for at least ten minutes. She had two orgasms, each one making her groan loudly. I think she was trying to be heard by the guests below.
Then I reached out, put my hand over her mouth, and pulled her head to my shoulder. That made her go immediately into another orgasm. She pulled at my hands and tried to scream, but I held her tightly. It was fucking her hard and loved the thought that just maybe a few guests below were watching us, but weren’t quite sure what we were doing.
Angel’s plumb breasts were bouncing freely with each hard thrust I made up into her body. She was continuing to struggle and pull at my hand. If someone was watching, she was definitely putting on a good show for them.
When I felt my climax building, I pulled out and pushed her to her knees. I roughly grabbed her head and forced my cock into her mouth. She pretended to not want it but sucked it down her throat while pushing lightly against my thighs. She was a great little actress as well as a nice fuck.
Even though Angel was on her knees, she was completely visible to anyone that might be looking our way. We were on the central balcony of the ship about two stories up. It’s a wonder that no one saw us because we gave them every opportunity to do so.
When my climax was over, I pulled her up, turned her around, put my hand over her mouth again, and d**g her back into my suite as she struggled all the way.
When we got inside, I released her and she turned around and hugged me around the neck. “Oh, Beal! That was so exciting; the most exciting thing I’ve ever done!”
I wrapped my arms around her waist and said, “It was! And it was dangerous as well.”
“Yes, but that’s why it was exciting!”
We kissed again and went to bed. “Can you spend the night with me? Will your dad check on you?”
“He might, but he knows that I like to stay out late. He won’t be worried.”
“Good, because I want to hold you just like this all night,” I whispered as I began to run my fingers through her hair.
“Mmm. This is going to be so nice.”
– – – – –
The next morning, we showered together and Angel let me shampoo her hair. I watched her blow it dry, which got me aroused. So, when she was finished, I pushed her to the vanity and fucked her from behind. I could see her darling face in the mirror and the way her hair fell around her face as I pumped into her. I just could not get enough of sweet little Angel.
We went down to the dining hall for breakfast and sat with six other guests. Angel was so friendly and bubbly toward them that one lady finally said to me, “Your wife is so lovely sir!”
Angel laughed and said, “Beal is not my husband. We’re just lovers.”
The lady was taken aback but said nothing.
After breakfast, we went back to my suite and made love for three hours, then took a much-needed nap until lunchtime. We went down to the aft deck where they were serving hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, etc. Angel drew the eyes of every guy there, which gave me an ego trip and made Angel horny.
She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Every guy here wants to fuck me and that’s so exciting.”
“I know.”
She slid her hand onto my leg like the night before. She wanted to be seen doing it.
“Angel! You’re taking a big chance.”
“I know, but you love it. You love it that all the guys here know that you’re fucking me.”
I turned her face toward me and kissed her. She responded by kissing me back at length. We were leaving no doubt to those present that I was getting into her pants.
– – – – –
After lunch, we again returned to my suite and made love all afternoon. Angel was turning out to be so insatiable that I couldn’t keep up with her.
“Angel, you love sex so much that if you were my wife, I’d have to find someone to help me keep you satisfied.”
She giggled and said, “That would be exciting. You could make videos of us fucking and post them on a porn site.”
“You would do that?”
“Sure! I’m just like those girls that are into making porn videos. I love sex just like they do.”
– – – – –
I finally got my tour of the ship the following day. Angel was a lovely tour guide and I found myself wanting to take her in some remote location. So, at one point, I put my arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, “I want you.”
“I was hoping so because I know a place we can hide and you can take me.” Then she took my hand and led me down two flights of small stairs into the bowels of the ship. There was piping everywhere and I could hear the ship’s engine chugging away. We finally arrived at a remote door and entered.
“No one will find us here, Beal.” Then she pushed her shorts down, followed by her bikini panties. Then she turned around and said, “Take me from behind. Be rough with me like you surprised me and I’ll try to get away.”
I was already so horny that I didn’t need any more instructions. I roughly grabbed Angel, put my hand over her mouth, and whispered in her ear, “Don’t fight me, Angel. I’m going to fuck you and I don’t want to hurt you. Just cooperate.” She shook her head in agreement.
I pushed her against the door, pulled my cock out of my pants, and pushed it easily up into her wet pussy.
“Mmm!” she moaned and pushed her ass back to help. Then suddenly she started to struggle. She wiggled and squirmed. She said to stop, but I kept fucking her until I shot off. Then I stepped away.
Angel turned around, looked at me, and said, “That was great, Beal! That’s been my fantasy for years…to be surprised and fucked in some dark, remote part of the ship by a guy I never see. Did you like it?”
“I did. And you, Angel, are an extraordinary girl. I could marry you right now.”
“Aww, really? That’s so sweet, Beal.” Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. “If you were serious, I’d think about it.”
“I am serious, Angel. I want to sleep with you every night and make love to you every night. So, give it some serious thought.”
We kissed again and things became passionate. “Beal, let’s go back to your suite and make love. I don’t want to have sex. I want to make love.”
“Okay. Anything you say.”
– – – – –
Angel’s dad was way beyond surprised when his daughter said that I’d asked her to marry me and that she’d said yes.
“But you just met him, Angel! You don’t know each other at all.”
“We know each other enough, daddy. He’s so wonderful, and gentle, and loving. He makes me happy!”
“Well, I’ll have to think about it. And your mother will have to know.”
“I’ll tell her, too.”