My boss liked to share his wife and she loved to be filmed having sex!

The CEO’s Wife
I had been working for a Florida high-tech company for only five months when my boss, the CEO, invited me and two other new employees for a Sunday afternoon cruise on his sixty-foot yacht. I’d never been on such a luxurious and expensive boat before, so I was excited, not only for that reason but also for being invited by my boss since I was his newest employee.
We pulled away from the slip around noon and headed through the lock on the Banana River and out to the Atlantic through Port Canaveral. It was a perfect day to be on the ocean. The sun was out and there was only a soft breeze, so the sea was calm.
John introduced us to his lovely wife, Veronica, a gorgeous brunette with a great body! He seemed to be very proud of his “trophy wife” as he referred to her. She thought the label was funny, so we all laughed. But she was indeed a trophy! She appeared to be Puerto Rican or of some other Hispanic heritage and I couldn’t help but imagine how thrilling it must be to sleep with her every night. She would probably be great in bed and would love to get her legs around John and fuck him to death!
“So, Bill. How do you like working for Star Systems?” Veronica asked me.
She’d interrupted my fantasy and caught me unable to answer right away. “Um. Well, it’s great! I love my job and your husband is a great boss.”
“I know. John is a wonderful husband, too. He lets me do whatever I want,” she said with an adorable accent and a twinkle in her eyes.
“Is that right!” I wasn’t sure if I should ask what kind of things he let her do or not.
“Yes. You will see after lunch.” She winked and turned around and headed for the galley to prepare lunch.
The catered lunch was baked trout, potatoes, and a salad and was a wonderful meal. My two co-workers, Jim and Eric, were equally impressed with the yacht, the meal, and with being invited by the CEO for an afternoon cruise down to Melbourne Beach and back.
But we were surprised when John stopped the boat and dropped the anchor in the shallow waters about a mile off Cocoa Beach on the return trip.
He said, “Guys, it’s time to reveal the real purpose of our cruise. It’s become a tradition and you all must agree to keep it completely secret. If you don’t, you will be immediately terminated from the company. Is that understood?”
He was looking back and forth between the three of us. Veronica was sitting nearby in her black bikini, all smiles, looking as gorgeous and yummy as any female I’d ever seen.
We three employees looked at each other and said, “Understood.” But it was obvious that we didn’t know where he was coming from or what he was about to say next.
“Okay good. So, here’s the deal. Veronica likes to have sex with a guy while I make a video of it.” He stopped to let that sink in, then proceeded.
“So, she wants each of you to have sex with her as I videotape it. Is that acceptable to all of you? You have to admit that she’s a beautiful and sexy woman.”
We looked at her and then at each other. But after some hesitation, Jim and Eric replied almost in unison, “I’m married!” Then they each said more or less the same thing…that they couldn’t be unfaithful to their wives.
I, on the other hand, was single and thought that fucking Veronica would be mind-blowing! I’d have to deal somehow with her husband being there and filming us, but I’d manage it.
“So, what about you, Bill? Do you agree?”
“Um, sure, I guess so.” I found it hard to speak while fantasizing about Veronica sucking my cock.
“Good!” John said and looked at his wife who was smiling ear to ear.
Then she stood up and slowly removed her bikini top to reveal her gorgeous plump and firm breast. She took them in both hands, squeezed them, and said, “I can’t wait. But I’m sorry that only one of you wants to fuck me.”
As my eyes were glued her Veronica’s breasts, I got an immediate hard-on. However, Jim’s and Eric’s faces turned red even though they also couldn’t take their eyes off of her breasts.
“Yeah, me too babe, but I think you’ll have fun with Bill.”
Then he turned to Jim and Eric and said, “I understand your positions on this and it’s just fine. While I film Bill and Veronica, you can watch TV, have a drink, or go fishing. There’s tackle on the aft deck ready to go and you’ll find the bait in the cooler. Okay?”
They each said, “Okay,” grabbed a beer, and went out on the aft deck to go fishing.
My boss and Veronica retired to their stateroom. While she and I made out, he unpacked his camera.
John: “Okay babe. Why don’t you go down on him?”
I assumed at that point that John was going to be the director of our sex video. Veronica dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down, followed by my boxers.
“Oh, Bill! Your cock is nice!”
John: “Lick it good, then push it down your throat.”
Veronica followed her husband’s direction by licking my cock up both sides, then pushing it slowly down her throat. I moaned, took her head in my hands, and pulled it hard against my stomach. She slithered her tongue under it, driving me crazy, almost to the point of cumming, so I pulled my cock from her mouth.
John: “You’re such a naughty girl,” he told her. She giggled then kept right on sucking me.
John: “Shot off on her face, Bill. And get some in her hair.”
That was no problem because I was so close, so as she looked up at me, I started to stroke myself as I looked down at her beautiful face. I still could not believe it was all happening! My boss, the CEO, was filming me getting a blowjob from his wife. Now I was about to shoot my cum all over her face! Unbelievable!
As I felt my climax approaching, I groaned softly and aimed my cock at Veronica’s lovely face. She stuck out her tongue and within seconds, my first spurt hit her left eye making her flinch. The next one splattered across her nose and the third one shot deep into her mouth. Then I directed the last two spurts on top of her head where it began to run down. My cum is not very thick, so it soaked in quickly.
John: “Good Bill. Now feed it to her.”
So, I scooped up my cum from her face and she eagerly sucked it off. When her face was relatively clean, she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked out a few more drops.
John: “You suck cock really well, babe!”
Veronica giggled and kept right on sucking. I ran my finger into her hair, took her head in my hands again, and humped her gorgeous face until my cock started to grow again. She was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime and the fact that she was my boss’s wife made it even more arousing. I couldn’t wait to get between her legs!
John: “Okay. Get in bed and fuck her, Bill.”
As directed, we got into bed and Veronica spread her legs, waiting for me to mount her. At that point, she was the most gorgeous girl I’d ever been with.
John: “Eat her pussy first.”
So, I got my face between her legs and gave her clit a hard lick. She moaned, thrust up her hips, and took my head in her hands. I continued to lick and suck her clit until she had a hard orgasm.
John: “Now fuck her hard, Bill. Really ram it to her!”
I crawled up between her legs, guided my cock into her pussy, and rammed it in with one quick hard thrust.
“Ugghh!” Veronica groaned loudly when my cock head hit her cervix.
I lay down and slid one hand under her ass and started to pump into her as hard as I could. She wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked me back. As I kissed her neck and shoulders, she was moaning with each thrust.
Then she whispered in my ear, “You’re so much better than John.”
John: “Fuck her good, Bill.”
“Can we meet sometime?” she whispered.
He must not have heard her whispers and I was thrilled if what she said was true. I could easily imagine having an affair with John’s “trophy wife” and I planned to pursue that possibility.
“Cum inside me, Bill,” she whispered. “John won’t know.”
I was close to cumming, so when it happened, I just stopped pumping as though I was trying to catch my breath. My cock was spurting gallons of cum into Veronica and she couldn’t resist the urge to keep humping my cock as it spurted.
When my balls were drained, I said, “I can’t cum again, John. Once is all I’ve ever been able to cum.”
John: “Okay. Roll off and let Veronica suck you clean.”
So, I rolled over and Veronica took me into her mouth and sucked me for at least five minutes.
John: “Okay. Cut!”
I guess the “take” was over.
“You did quite well, Bill,” John said as he put his camera away. ”It’s just too bad that the other two didn’t want to participate. How did you like fucking my wife?”
“She’s a really good fuck, John. How often do you do this?”
“Oh, I guess this is the fourth time isn’t it babe?”
“Yes, I think it is,” Veronica said as she slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.
I noticed tell-tale cum smears on the sheet and hoped John wouldn’t notice, so I quickly covered it with the bedspread.
“Well, that was certainly a first for me, John.”
“I’m sure. And I’m sure you know to never tell anyone what just took place. It would cost you your job.”
“I know, sir. Don’t worry.”
– – – – – – –
As the cruise got back underway, I found Veronica sunning on the front deck. “So, do you still want to meet with me sometime?”
She looked around and said, “Yes I do. One quick fuck with you was not enough.”
“Here’s my phone. Enter your number and I’ll call you to work something out.”
As she entered her number she said, “This is so exciting, Bill. I’ve never had an affair before.”
“I can’t wait to get you into bed again, Veronica. You are so hot!”
“Thank you, Bill. And I loved the way you fucked me. John cums so quickly that I never have an orgasm.”
“Well, I promise to give you at least three.”
“Mmm! You’re making me wet.”
– – – – – – –
Veronica and I met almost every Saturday after that. She was in the habit of shopping almost all day and John never questioned her being gone all day. She’d come straight to my condo on Cocoa Beach and we’d fuck in every imaginable position until we were exhausted. Then we’d take a short nap and go to the pool for a dip, then lay in the sun. She was insatiable and would always want to go fuck some more before leaving.
“I wish you could spend the night with me sometime, sweetie. I’d love to hold you all night.”
“I can do that when John goes away on his next business trip.”
“Oh wow! When will that be?”
“In a couple of weeks, I think. We don’t have a landline, so if he calls me, he won’t know that I’m not at home.”
“That sounds like a good plan.”
– – – – – – –
Veronica spent four days and nights with me when John was gone. He called her every night around eleven, so we had to plan things so that she wouldn’t be out of breath when he called.
She loved the way I liked to shampoo her hair as she gave me a blowjob. She said she didn’t have to do it and she got to suck me off as an added bonus.
Over the next five years, we spent days and nights together while John was away and he never suspected a thing.