Several years have gone by and I have only told one person this story. Since it’s been a while I decided to tell the story, if not for anything else, just to remember. My wife and I had been going through some tough times. I’m not sure where it started but after 10 years of marriage we had sort of lost our way romantically. We tried counselling and it seemed to be going nowhere. Anyway, my wife had a cousin who came to visit over a weekend. Now my wife is very pretty and it runs in her family. I’ll call the cousin Kim. She had a very nice, trim body and a beautiful face and short, blond hair. She had just left a loveless relationship and divorced her 1st husband and came for a visit just to get away from that for a bit.

Anyway, she had spent a day or two with us and while my wife was happy she was here, it didn’t change the way she was treating me. It was almost as if I was in the way and Kim noticed her attitude toward me although she didn’t say anything. I was getting ready for work (I worked a night shift) and my wife was telling me her and Kim were going out with some of her friends that night. I don’t remember what it was I needed her to do but it was something she was supposed to take care of for me and she had forgotten. She just kind of blew me off and told me to do it myself. Kim looked at me with a kind of compassionate look, not understanding why she was acting this way. I just got my stuff and left for work.

My wife calls right before I left work and said they had been out late. No big deal, she had done that before so when I got home I saw Kim was on the couch asleep. Or so I thought. She had a little, quiet snore like my wife. Must run in the family. They had been out drinking and had become a little intoxicated but they had been home for about an hour. I went to take a shower and then climbed into bed. When I did my wife was closer to my side than hers so I reached over to put my arm around her thinking since she was a little drunk I might get lucky. She moved her ass towards me and pulled my hand to her breasts. For a moment I felt something wasn’t right. She wasnt wearing a t-shirt but a frilly gown. Her breasts seemed a little different, her nipples were a little smaller. Now my wife has amazing tits. Small and firm, what I call Playboy tits. Perfectly shaped with her nipples about the size of a dime. Now her nipples were more pea sized and hard as rocks as soon as I touched them. Strange for a second but I didn’t really think too much of it because when she was pregnant they had changed a bit then. I just chalked it up to not touching them for a while.