The morning had started off beautifully,the heat of the day was already rising and Brandon and Gill decided they would go for one of their long bike rides. They were fit,very fit,both were Gym instructors and loved nothing more than riding their mountain bikes . They had been riding for almost twenty miles when the weather began to change and soon Brandon and Gill found themselves caught in the midst of torrential rain.
“Head for those tress,!” Brandon shouted,pointing at some trees at the side of the road.
They stood under the trees but were afforded little protection from the driving rain,a pool of water was beginning to form at their feet.
“We can’t stay here,lets ride to that house we saw down the road, we could ask for cover until the rain stops,” Gill said.
“Good idea,race you there,”Brandon said jumping on his bicycle and setting off followed by Gill .

The Cyclist's

The boy was bending over the desk,his trousers and shorts were around his ankles and he waited He could hear the Schoolmaster walk behind him and then say, “Now,Dillon,you missed your last appointment with me ,which is unforgivable,but now I have you just where I want you.”
“I am sorry,Master,I had an important meeting to attend,I am sorry ,Sir,” Dillon said.
Dillon enjoyed his visits to the Schoolmaster,he had an interest in what was termed ‘Recreational Scolding’ and had sought out the Schoolmaster through his friend Rachel,who shared Dillon’s interest.
The Schoolmaster as usual wore his long,black academic gown and mortarboard hat.Many ,many years ago the Schoolmaster had been the Dean of Discipline at an exclusive Co Educational College where he had been kept quite busy thrashing the bottoms of those who tested the rules of the college.A Classic’s Master,the Schoolmaster often scolded his pupils in Latin before administering the cane. Upon his retirement the Schoolmaster had found that his way of chastising the errant had become much in demand among adults who wished to relive their schooldays and very soon he was using his cane again,the list of those who wished to visit the Schoolmaster was keeping him very busy .
Now,as Dillon was bending over,his bare posterior exposed he heard the Schoolmaster say, “Puer Improbe, ego autem caedem vos!”
Dillon knew what was coming.he closed his eyes and waited for that first stroke that would take him back to his schooldays.
“Translate what I have said,boy,” the Schoolmaster ordered,enjoying the spectacle of Dillon’s bare bottom which was causing his penis to stiffen,he liked nothing more than a bare bottom to spank or cane.
Dillon thought for a few moments ,then said, ” Naughty boy,I am going to thrash you “?
“Deary,deary me boy, ” the Schoolmaster said placing the cane across Dillon’s bottom and raising the cane up before bringing it down with vigor across Dillon’s beautifully shaped bottom.
“OUCH!” Dillon cried out.
The Schoolmaster brought the cane down again and again and then said, ” Es iustus questus a poena,translate,boy !”
Dillon could hear the excitement in the Schoolmaster’s voice and said, “Something about a just punishment,Sir”.
“Insolent boy,!” the Schoolmaster said bringing the cane down again
Dillon almost jumped with the sting of the cane, “OUCH ,FUCK !” he yelled.
“I will not tolerate that wicked,foul language,boy,take your beating like a brave young man,”the Schoolmaster said bringing the cane down again and feeling his penis throb.
Finally after receiving twelve hard stokes from the Schoolmaster Dillon was allowed to rub his very sore,stinging bottom before pulling his trousers up and saying, “Thank you,Schoolmaster.”
“You are quite welcome,my boy,” the Schoolmaster replied .
Same time next month,Sir?” Dillon asked.
The Schoolmaster walked around his desk and taking a seat opened his diary.Dillon stood there waiting, feeling like a naughty schoolboy .
“Yes of course,I will see you at 11am that day,Dillon,” the Schoolmaster said looking up and glaring at Dillon through his rounded spectacles
“Yes,Sir,thank you,” Dillon said.
The Schoolmaster walked Dillon to the door.
As Dillon sat in his Mercedes he winced ,his bottom was really stinging.He started his car and waved at the Schoolmaster who was standing at the door still wearing his gown and mortarboard.
Dillon turned onto the road almost hitting the two cyclists who suddenly appeared at the end of the laneway,he stopped suddenly to berate them but they had already went past,at speed. Dillon glanced in his rear view mirror and was surprised to see the two cyclists turn onto the steep driveway that led to the Schoolmaster’s house.
Dillon laughed, “They will get what they deserve !”