The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 3: Hungry again)Chapter 3:
The creatures slipped into the attic and briefly composed themselves. The
four of them were alone — not including the sleeping teenagers around
them, of course. Three of the succubi had fed here before, but the other
had experience only from a****ls that had found themselves in the succubi
territory of the forest by accident or mishap — stags, mostly, once a
young wolf who’d been kicked out of his pack, but these were ages ago. In
other words, it had not yet fed from a human boy. In other words, it was
very hungry.

The creatures, through their inscrutible communication, set about preparing
the newcomer to feed from a human. They demonstrated the process of
unsheeting and pulling aside sleepwear to uncover the boys’ sex organs. The
initiate watched as its master settled over the first boy.
The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 3: Hungry again) 2
The boy was s*******n, the oldest currently at the home. He was tallish,
although other boys were taller, his muscles were filled out more, but not
by much — he spent most of his waking hours running through meadows or
painting with inks he made. These were the same paints he would share with
the feral boy who painted his face in stripes. The boy had shiny hair the
colour of chestnusts and pale blue eyes. Sparse hairs feathered under his
arms and over his calves and formed a modest patch between his legs. Though
the succubi would never know it, the boy was deaf. He spoke using his
hands; when he was excited, his long thin fingers would flutter like the
wings of a bird. Since the feral boy refused to speak, and the deaf boy
couldn’t, the two were often together.

The two succubi settled in close to the boy. His pink, sleek penis lay flat
along the ridge of his abdomen and hip, cradled in the swooped crevice of
his pelvic bone. The succubus carefully grasped it in its fingers, lifted
it away and demonstrated its appearance to the initiate. The boy’s penis
was long enough when still soft that the creature could use all its fingers
to grip it. The creature began very gingerly tugging the shaft, pulling and
then stroking with its fingertips. It traced slow lines around the coronal
ridge of the cap, paused to scoop the boy’s ballsac between its fingers,
pushing the smooth pouch up so the other succubus could inspect. The boy’s
penis expanded gradually. The creature passed it to the intiate, who made
tentative brushes down its length, and after some seconds, proceeded to
stroke more vigorously. The boy’s breathing became more spirited, his penis
stiffened almost completely — the master succubus chirped very suddenly
and the organ was released. It continued to harden, angled out directly
over his belly, throbbed once and then again. The acolyte succubus unfurled
its proboscis in anticipation, and without a signal from its master,
immediately slipped the opening over the glans and down, but only
partway. The tube engulfed the upper half of the boy’s rigid erection,
between the middle of the shaft and the base. The creature worked it’s
feeder like a prehensile digit, sliding it clumsily back and forth, very
briskly; the chute would tighten it as it pressed down, then release on the
upward draw. Stimulation continued in this manner for several minutes. The
boy’s breathing had quickened, blow out his nose in blasts; the creature’s
suctioning tube retracted, but receded too far; the penis slipped out. A
clear needle-thin thread of pre-cum stretched between the tip and the
opening of the proboscis. The boy’s stomach heaved. His erection bounced in
rhythm to his beating heart, the head appeared silvery in the light.
The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 3: Hungry again) 3
A buzzing chitter from the master succubus; the novice creature became
distressed, it moved to grab the boy, hesitated, attempted to position its
snout over the penis. No sooner did the opening kiss the tip of the boy’s
erection than the teen uttered a loud `Ungff!’, his hips locked, a spatter
of very white cream burst out coating the aperture of the tube; the
creature panicked; a long streamer of milk flung out in an arc and stippled
in an unbroken line from the boy’s chest to his jaw. The master succubbus
moved with electrical speed, too fast for a human to parse, and jammed his
feeder down the boy’s erection — the boy sucked in his breath — and
guzzled the successive and substantial spurts. The initiate succubus,
ravenous at its missed meal, suctioned its feeder tube to the boy’s chest
and sopped the cloudy rope of milk off the skin, slurping noisily.