[ For my good friends A & T! It is not necessarily a stereotype to say that ‘Once you go black, you never go back.’ ]

I’d often seen attractive European women vacationing in Marrakesh (German, French, Italian, British, some Spanish, etc.) but I’d only lusted after them from a distance! They were unreachable to a man like me, an African man, and yet, the urge to get a chance to fuck one of them had always remained strong.

But that was over now, and as I felt my hard cock driving deep and vigorously inside of Mara’s warm, wet, and so inviting pussy, she clung tightly, with an unmistakable urgency as we fucked, and I was thrilled to feel her legs wrapped snugly around my hips, and her arms around my neck!

The fact that I was doing so, and on she and her husbands hotel room bed, and with his permission, gave the entire setting a deeply satisfying and exhilarating sensation I had only dream of before.

“Oh, YESS!” Mara was saying, over and over, “Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!” As she said that, my cock was rapidly thrusting into her snug pussy, in perfect timing with each other! I’d fucked many different African women (I even had a wife once, and four c***dren with her), but with Mara, the whole experience took on an intensity I’d never known before! It had much to do with the fact that she was married, that she was white, and that she’d already had an African fathered baby the year before (as well as knowing that her husband was fully supportive of her fucking other men)! There was no denying that this was definitely a big part of the excitement I was feeling, and the inspiration it engender.

My friends and I (all seven of us) were absolutely determined to fuck this white married woman to the best of our collective, and individual, ability, and in doing so, to leave her womb fertilized by one of our sperm! Honestly, that, more than anything else was the biggest thrill of all for all of us! What man could be unmoved by such a proposition?!

Then, there was a particular moment that I remember now quite vividly; and that was, as I was finished ejaculating my sperm into Mara’s pussy, I heard, behind me a short distance, a series of soft moans; and as I withdrew my cock from Mara’s dripping pussy, I glanced behind and realized that the sound I’d heard was of her husband…who had been masturbating as I fucked her; and who had, just then, ejaculated as well, but not into his wife’s pussy, of course, but into a bath towel that he held in front to catch his sperm as it shot out. I had never before seen anything like this (except for on-line porn videos); and I have to be honest, seeing this other man disposing of his seed in such a manner was (perhaps strangely) exhilarating to me!