This directly follows part 2.

The next morning we settled our bill, then drove out straight ahead into the lane rather than going left to the village and home. When we arrived at the farm we saw Quin coming out of a building opposite the farmhouse. “Hi, come over and see our little surprise”. We followed him into what appeared to be a two story outhouse, built of the same stone as the house. Inside was an open space, a kitchen-dining area at one end, a lounge at the other. A stairway was in one corner. “Follow me”, we climbed the stairs and came to a mezzanine level above the kitchen with an open view to the lounge on one side and a huge bed with two armchairs amongst other furniture. “The bathroom is here”, he pointed to a door behind us. We walked in to another space, a roomy shower (enough space for two), bath, twin basins and skylights flooding the space with light. “Wow” was G’s response.

The Farmer - part 3

Quin led us downstairs and across to the lounge. The far side was a wall of glass, floor to roof with sections that appeared to form part of a doorway. Outside we could see a conservatory. He went to the glass and opened a section, then folded back half the panels and we stepped into the glazed area. G suddenly became animated, “Look, look!” as she pointed to one side, and what a sight it was. Through another wall of glass was a swimming pool, also under glass, that seemed to be 10 metres long. “It’s all for you, heated to 30 degrees”. Her “Wow” didn’t seem to do it justice. We walked through a doorway into the pool room, the water had warmed the air and the humidity made it a bit uncomfortable in our street clothes. We went back into the conservatory and crossed to the other side where Quin opened a door that led to a patio. On one side was a covered spa bath. He folded back one panel of the cover and immediately wisps of water vapour curled up from inside. “This is yours as well, the controls are here”, he pointed to an area on the top of the bath body.

“Now you’ve seen it I will let you get settled in, when you’ve unpacked come across to the house and have a coffee with us”. So we happily set up our temporary home, though our possessions seemed to be lost in the space, then walked out across the yard to the farmhouse where we found the front door wide open, Rapping the knocker of the door resulted in a muffled “come in” from the kitchen, a few seconds later we were with Quin and Reenie and holding steaming mugs of coffee. Quin explained he had to go to work, the flock needed moving to a new pasture and he had more than a day’s work to do. As he left he gave G a gentle peck on the cheek and whistled cheerfully to himself down the hall. Reenie looked at us “do you have plans for today?”. We shook our heads, G thought for a moment then decided “we will relax and enjoy the pool and hot tub”. “That’s fine, I have to go into town on business. There’s a supply of snacks and drinks in your kitchen to keep you going up to dinner, have a nice time chilling out and I’ll see you later”.