I wanted to share another story, about the first time I secretly recorded my roommate. By this point we had been living together for over a year. I had the pleasure of listening her have sex with various guys on a number of occasions. It still didn’t happen often as she often waited until I was out of the apartment (between that and the cleaning she really was a courteous roommate).

On the few times she had come home with a guy for sex, I had taken to listening behind my door. I would bring a pillow a lie down at the crack of the door where I could hear them clearly. I would listen to her seduce the guy. I was only 15 feet away from them and they had no idea I was listening. I would touch my body when I heard them getting started. And when they started to have sex, I would start to rub my clit and listen to every moan, giggle, and gasp. It was always an incredible experience and there was one time where myself, my roommate and the guy she was having sex will all climaxed at the same time.

Back to the first time I recorded my roommate. As I mentioned I started to notice that she would always try to “schedule sex” when I was out of the house. I couldn’t help wondering what I was missing, maybe she was holding back when I was there? Could she be even more wild? I borrowed an audio recording device and planned to leave it in my room by the door but never got the guts to do it on the couple occasions where I thought something could go down.

Then one Friday, something happened. My roommate and I were planning to make dinner together before I left to go to a comedy show with some friends. She messaged me during the day to ask if her new boyfriend could join us (which of course was no problem, he was a really nice guy). On the menu was creamy garlic chicken and a salad, so we got to making it when we got home from work. Part way through making dinner, he arrived. I admired her choice in men usually but this fellow actually started to pitch in to help us cook! We were laughing, having a beverage, and overall having a good time.

I started to set our table and my roommate definitely thought I couldn’t see. She picked up the cucumber, and seductively stuck it in her mouth (a cucumber, which we had previously agreed was for salad only..). I almost burst out a laugh at the look of shock and glee on his face. She then, again when she thought I couldn’t see, went up to him for a hug and lifted her leg up and wrapped it around him then slowly moved it down. The way she flipped her skirt at him, I knew he was in trouble that night.