Nebraska was a different place for me. I was used to the beautiful state of California, the mountains, beaches, the snow, desert I mean Cali has everything you can ask for and more not to mention the beautiful women, the pulchritude of women Cali has to offer can’t be matched at least from any other state. I was going to be in Nebraska for at least 1yr so I had to find the best that Nebraska had to offer a young man and I did. I didn’t know anyone other than my oldest aunt that I lived with my teenage brother and cousin. I literally had nothing to my name and was starting a new life for myself to get on my feet.

I got myself a job at a warehouse shortly and got a little jeep so I can explore Omaha a little more. I got some rims and a system for my jeep you know typical things a young man does to get the ladies heads turning when I would cruise and hit the malls ect… Omaha reminds me of the city I was born in and somewhat grew up in Cali, tight community little big city. Omaha had a very small Hispanic community, a medium black community and a predominantly white community. Beautiful women from all sides but the White women were thick in numbers and THICK! The land of the cornhuskers, thick fine ass white women everywhere it was vanilla heaven in Omaha.

One of my co-workers started talking to me during lunch cool Hispanic guy, and he asked me if I liked going out to the clubs and bars. I told him I hadn’t went out to the clubs or bars yet because I didn’t know anyone in Omaha. He told me him and some of his buddies were going out the weekend coming up and invited me. I was all game ready to hit the Omaha night life and see what it was about.

The weekend came up and I got myself a nice pair of slacks, dress shirt and some fresh Stacy Adams dress shoes, I looked sharp clean cut. We hit the night life and went club hopping and honestly I was impressed, Omaha had some good nights and some amazing women to offer. But the White women were like 10-2 they were everywhere and they picked at the night life tree as they pleased. I lost my virginity to a Pawg neighbor in Cali that was 10yrs older than me so Pawgs have a special place in my heart!

I was a little rusty at picking up on girls because of my situation it had been a while for me since I had took my little vacation, however that did not stop me from talking to the ladies and pretty much learning from trial and error what worked for me on getting me a nice Pawg. I had pretty much struck out left and right everywhere we went but I was determined to get a number at least. We were pretty much pulling out of the parking lot of the last club we went to for the night when I seen two white women walking to their car, I told my co-worker to pass by them so I can talk to them. As we approached I rolled down my window and greeted them. Both women were good looking and the first one to respond back was named Jessica, she was a nice and thick Pawg and eager to talk it seemed. We had small talk just basic stuff and I asked Jessica for her number, she replied “Let me have your number” so I gave her my number. As we pulled away my buddy told me “She not going to call you” I felt she wasn’t because typically women that didn’t give you their number and took yours instead didn’t call. I still had a good night overall met some people danced and had some drinks.