Ch. 2 On the way homeGina woke from her slumber refreshed but confused and feeling like she had spent the

night playing with her ‘toys’. She had the most vivid dreams she ever experienced

todate. Brian dent her a text and sheinvited him over he had asked about the art project

(Photography was an art elective,) she even remembered reading afew stories on her

favorite porn site even down to some self manipulation before he was to came by.

Then things get a little foggy and are relaced several of her erotic fantasies.

As she sat up in bed she notices she must have gotten dressed at some point. She was

thirsty and hungry, since she had a light breakfast. A look at her alarm told her it was

4:30 pm, she wondered where the day had gone. Gina turned and headed downstairs to

get a drink and food. Her dad called after asking if she had a good nap, she just waved

her hand and kept going. Gina’s mom was in the kitchen cleaning up and getting ready to

fix their dinner, “Hi mom.” Mrs. K turned and looked at her daughter, “How was your visit

with Brian today.” Gina stood there with a confused look on her face for a minute.

“Everything okay dear, you kids didn’t have a fight?”

“Oh, no mom nothing like that we’re fine,” Gina told her but she was thinking she was

going to have to talk with Brian since she could not remember him coming by. Gina got her

drink and a snack and left to send Brian a text.

The text read [Yaho, Bri I must have realy been out of it today. My mom tells me you

came by today, I hope you’re not mad at me. Tinckle my digits let me know whats up.]

Brian read the text and was suprised by the fact Gina didn’t recall his visit. He

definately was going to have to experiment more with this now portion of his abilities.

After Brian left Gina’s house he went off in search of subjects for his art project. It

was suppose to be a pictorial of life in their town it was an on going project to see what

the students could come up with. He had spent the time since he left Gina’s walking

around taking random photos with his 35mm camera. We figured he had enough photos

for the project and was heading home through the park woods (short cut.)

The woods were backed by homes, businesses and a freeway just depended on where you

were at the time. He was headed to the residential side and passed afew homes already

when he heard the familiar voices of several girls from his class. He paused and decided

to take a closer look, these were some of the snobby bitches he and Gina had talked