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was thirty-years-old then, life was boring, nothing was interesting going on in my life. One lucky day, after my k**s went to school. I was all alone. I sat on my husband’s computer and randomly using my social media.

I must have clicked something by mistake, it took me to a website where so many videos of people having sex and so many weird kinds of stuff. Later I got to know that it was called porn. Porn videos were my new companions and started to think about it all the time.

I got into porn so faithfully, I watched all the videos from all categories. I have never done most of the things I have seen. I did blowjobs but never had tasted cum. There were so many things cum on face, cum swap, anal, swinging, you get the idea.

Watching those only not enough for me, I want to do them too. My husband was a prude and I wasn’t sure if he would approve this, So, I kept this as a secret. I was addicted to porn, I used to watch it like any other videos but by the passage of the time. I started to imagine myself as the girl in those videos.

It was fine but after some time, I wanted to do them in real life. I was afraid of my husband and my conservative community, so I buried all those feelings in my heart. My husband was not very strict and not very controlling type either. It was always my choice.

I have two daughters, Sadia and Maham who were then, 14 and 12 respectfully. Faisal’s two sisters were living with their husbands in different cities. Faisal got a good job with a good salary, so we moved to one of the big Indian cities Goa. A beautiful beach city with so many tourists, a lot of parties, pubs, and casinos.

We were living in a beach facing villa with all the luxuries. Still, there was a void in my life, It was sex. I was having a good sexual relationship but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more, I wanted to do more depraved shits.

Goa is full of prostitutes. I used to look at them with disgust. But then when I saw, I fantasize about the weird sex they were having.

I had bottled up all this feeling. I started commenting on porn videos which I found fascinating. It sure caught the attention of various fellow audiences and the response was overwhelming.

Like a stupid, I have posted my email address to one of my comments. Within an hour, I have got more than 100 emails and I like this new attention. Some of the messages were filthy, some were wonderful. I had a good conversion with many strangers.

For some reason, most of the messages I received were from Hindu guys. They were filthy and I liked it. I was horny all the time. I started dressing more elegantly moving away from my usual conservative clothing. Either Faisal didn’t notice this or simply he didn’t care. Anyway, I was free to wear, what I like.