[ For Megan, who truly loves the BIG, and BLACK, cock! May she continue to enjoy as many as she can, and for as long as she wants! ]

I was setting on the shaded patio when Megan came walking out of the house dressed very fetchingly in a tight-fitting pair of white short-shorts and dark pink (you could call it ‘coral’) tank top, and as I looked up and saw her walking towards me, she smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back at her spontaneously.

“Hey, babe,” she said, leaning over where I sat, and kissing me. Then, when our mouths parted, she knelt down close next to me, and fixing me in her gaze, she said: “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Of course. What is it?”

She hesitated for a second, as if gathering her thoughts, and then said: “William would like to know if you’d mind if he and I went to a friends lake house this weekend. Alone, that is. Just the two of us. Would you mind?”

She was asking my permission, but I knew already that she wanted to go with William; and I love Megan so much that I didn’t want to disappoint her by saying ‘No.’ Besides, I’d been open to sharing Megan with William already, and it seemed a little inconsistent for me to object now.

I studied Megan’s face for a second before answering her question, and then I smiled and said: “Of course you can go, babe.”

Her face broke into a broad, happy grin at that, and she leaned up and gave me a very wonderful, and very enthusiastic kiss; our lips pressed together, and our tongues lashing across each others like snakes gone wild, and as we kissed like that, my cock began to stiffen behind my zipper. That might be strange to some, but I’m a happily devoted cuckold-husband after all! I love Megan very much, but I do not regard myself as her ‘owner!’ No one should feel they ‘own’ anyone. Megan and I have crafted a ‘mutually consensual, non-monogamous’ relationship, even though we are, in a technical sense, husband and wife.

“Thank you!” Megan said again, smiling into my face as mouths parted.

“Is it going to be just the two of you?” I inquired, still looking into her lovely face, and sparkling, enthusiastic eyes.

“Yes,” she said. “Just he and I. The lake house belongs to a friend of his he’s known a long time. He’s letting us use it this weekend because he’s out of town.”

I smiled, noting the obvious enthusiasm in her face and in her voice.

I pulled her towards me, and kissed her. I loved the feel of her soft lips on mine, and I loved the taste of her mouth as my tongue dipped inside and across her warm and slippery tongue; and there was that special aroma that was uniquely Megan’s, that emerged from out of her. It was her own unique aroma (her ‘pheromones’, which was the scientific term for it); and I loved breathing that in. It excited me. It turned me on! My reaction to that wonderful aroma was something deeply primal; and far beyond any sort of rational control on my part! All I could do was to respond to it, and I’d done so ever since I’d fallen in love with this much younger woman! But I wasn’t the only one to be effected by Megan like that, and William was also not the first black guy who’d enjoyed my wife the way others had before him.