Leslie Porter is a fun “Holy Shit” encounter that just shows it pays off to be nice to bartenders. It was quite a simple run in that led to me firing off a load into Leslie’s mouth a couple hours after meeting her.

I was at the Hard Rock in Orlando grabbing some lunch and a drink at the bar when a group of annoying “guys” came in and sat at the bar. They were the typical annoyingly loud, self boasting college frat boys who were bombarding the bartender with their terrible pickup lines and comments about how they bet she was a freak in bed and so on because of her piercings and hair color. There was no doubt that she’s a freak but these idiots did everything they could to ensure they had no shot with her because they were just on another level of annoying.

Leslie was the only bartender behind the bar at the time so she was covering that section of the bar until the other bartender returned. I love watching idiots in public so this was quite entertaining for me to witness just how people blow their chance with what seems to be a nympho personality. Leslie would return to where I was to see how I was doing and I told her I’ll be doing better once they leave and with both shared a laugh as she replied “Me too!” We started up a light conversation about her hair color which was multi-colored. She told me about how she likes to change it up weekly and so on just for kicks. About this time the male bartender returned and took over the annoying section of the bar thus leaving Leslie to her side.

Leslie was very open while talking to me and said “Yeah I’m a fucking freak but not with shitheads like them!” I laughed and said “Yeah I don’t understand guys that act like that who are being serious and not merely joking around.” Leslie said “Now if you were to say those things to me in the manner you carry yourself then I would be all for chatting it up about sex…. I’m an open book.”

Needless to say… we started talking sex and her freak side which led to her saying that she is a nympho with an oral fixation. I playfully said “Well in that case when do you get off because I’d like to buy you some drinks!” I was being playful BUT also inside was thinking PLEASE SAY YES!!! lol To my surprise she was only working a lunch shift and was getting off in 20 minutes and accepted my offer.

She went in the back and changed out of her uniform and came to sit with me at the bar. We had a couple of drinks and she had some lunch as we chatted and flirted. The bartender that had taken over for her was extremely playful and had a fun personality about her. She came from the back with bananas and stopped in front of us and asked Leslie if she could deep throat one of the bananas in which Leslie replied that she has a gag reflex and has trouble deepthroating as she squeezed my thigh. The bartender then opened one of the bananas and took the entire thing into her throat as Leslie applauded and called her a little slut.