[ “Don’t it always seem to go…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, as Joni Mitchell sang some years ago; and how very true those words are, and for a variety of situations! In this instance, I’m talking about a wife and mother, who’s husband (for some reason) lost his ability to truly ‘perceive’, rather than merely ‘seeing’ (superficially) what he had in her…until it was far, far too late to save her for his own! ]

When Cindy had gone down to Florida to see her mother, and her daughter who was staying with her, she had no idea that before she left that she’d end up fucking the black guy who lived right next door, and more than once, and that she’d end up exchanging phone numbers with several other black men she met while there; but that was exactly what transpired!

Now she was back in New York city (at least for a while), and she was badly missing that massive, and beautiful black cock of Willis; her mothers next door neighbor, SO MUCH! However, the phone numbers she’d exchanged with those other black guys she’d met down there were paying off rather nicely; and though she stayed in frequent touch with Willis, he’d encouraged her to pursue those other guys; and she had!

In fact, as she left the house, she was on her way to meet one of these other black guys at a hotel in the city that she had paid for already over her phone! Her husband was just as surly as he ever been, but he wanted to know where she was going, and she’d replied, as she was leaving: “I’m going to meet a friend for lunch.”

“Who is that?” He insisted, scowling slightly.

“No one you know,” she said, and closed the door behind, bringing that brief, and icy conversation to an end.

As she drove off, she found herself feeling quite excited at the thought that her husband would have gone out of his mind had he known that she wasn’t just going to fuck some other guy, but a black man specifically, and entirely deliberately! Her husband was quite a loud-and-proud racist and all around bigot. But what had finally motivated Cindy to start fucking other men was her husbands long neglect of her as a woman, and a woman who still had sexual needs and desires, and who craved the attention that he, her husband, had long ago ceased doing. Of course, it hadn’t helped that her husband had apparently lost his ability to get, let alone hold onto, an erection for a sufficiently long enough time in order to have sex! Along with their frequent arguments regarding race, his erectile dysfunction issue hadn’t helped their marriage either.

But that was no longer going to be Cindy’s problem; and whether she and her husband got divorced, or they didn’t, she was no longer going to allow her sexual hunger to go on languishing away!