This story goes back over thirty years to my days when i openly cross dressed and would go out in public because i thought i was passable.

I was reading the local news paper and came across an obituary for a man named Theodor Johnson nick named mighty mouse now i knew this person by first name only as Ted and he is the same man i write about today.

It was the mid !990’s I was single and very sexually active. I loved to cross dress and walk about outside i was indeed passable as a women. I would go to the book store and purchase a periodical called options it was geared toward people who liked an alternative life style. In this periodical there was a classified section for people wanting to hook up. I decided that it was worth my time to place an ad and see if i could make any connections.

Two months later the ad that i placed was finally in print and it wasn’t long after that when responses started to fill my mail box . I sorted through the responses ones from the department of corrections i put off to the side and sent whoever a reply stating that i was not looking to hook up with someone who was in a correctional institution. Others i started a correspondence with and that is how i met Ted.

I started to correspond with Ted because he seemed warm and caring plus he was from close by so if we were to meet i would be in familiar territory. I lived close to a park and that seemed the perfect place for a first time meeting as it was a public place and surely no one would try something there. We set a date for our first meet i told Ted i would be sitting on a park bench reading a book i also told him my name was Jamie.

The days flew by and before i knew it the day had arrived i wanted every thing to be perfect i picked out an outfit that was conservative but still sexy. I was dressed in a Leopard pattern skirt that stopped just below the knee a white blouse that was sheer. I wore a white satin bra and matching panties along with dark thigh high stockings . My long flowing auburn hair was pulled back and placed in a ponytail. I did my make up last and the dark blue eye shadow really went with the soft pink lipstick. My black pumps which i had learned to walk gracefully in was the topping on the cake so to speak. I was bomb shell as i looked at myself in the mirror.

I took the short walk to the park as i had done dozens of times in the past this time i knew i had nailed it as guys were watching me and their lady friends had sour looks on their faces. It was as if they were pissed i looked better than them. I found my favorite bench and took out my paperback and it was about 15 minutes later when i was brought back to earth by a voice excuse me are you Jamie? I looked up and there stood Ted yes i stammered and smiled. Ted then sat down by me and we began to talk he said he couldn’t believe how beautiful i looked and if he wouldn’t have known to look for a person sitting on a bench reading he would walked right past me.