The lover that came at night.

Chapter 2

** She was awoken by loud popping sounds from the party downstairs and the nurse checking her to make sure she was okay. They smiled at each other. Brenda smiled and said one more hour please. I’m okay and I feel better. The nurse said okay but I don’t want you tiring yourself out. The nurse smiled and left her again. She misses her Philip so badly. She begins to remember their last night together in the cemetery. They were coming back to her house to drop her off for the night. They spent an hour with her parents at the party and then went to the Mardi Gras parade.**The lover that came at night. Chapter 2

**She noticed him being uncomfortable all night. Like he was sick or something. On the way back, she asked, are you all right. He smiled and looked at her weakly and said I will be fine. I just should not have come out on the full moon, but I wanted to be with you tonight. Full moon? She smiled. I told you I was cursed by a Lycan many years ago. Though I can freely change anytime but on a full moon. I have no choice. He saw the disbelief in her face. Do you trust me as I trust you? He asked. Yes, I do. Then may I show you? I will show you that I am truly a Lycan.**

** He allowed his facial features to change slightly, and she took a deep breath and was shocked but did not run. She softly caressed his face and said you weren’t lying to me. You aren’t scared of me? No. Why would I be? You won’t hurt me, will you? Bringing his human face back fully he said oh God no, I would never harm you. I would sooner die if I could then hurt you. I am centuries-old and am tired of being alone. I’m tired of hiding from the Lycan hunters who wish to extinguish my species. I want a companion for as long as I can have you. She smiled and hugged him, then pulled back and placed her hand in his and her other hand on his heart. I pledge to you. You are mine for eternity, or until I die. You shall never be alone again. He replied and you are mine as well until death do us part**

** He winced and said we must get you home so I can go. She smiled and said no take me with you. Let me be with you on this night, and make it easy for you. He smiled at her and she pulled him and said let’s go. There is no time. I think. Are you sure he asked? No, but I will not let you spend the night alone again. You are mine and I will protect you and cherish you and help you through your life. He smiled and said then let’s go. There’s not much time. He rounded the corner by the graveyard and entered it. She was led to a large crypt.**