She was gorgeous, a redhead, and I had to get her into bed!

The Most Beautiful Redhead
I first met Michelle at the block party that she and her husband threw after they moved in. I noticed her right away. Who wouldn’t? She had beautiful long red hair that I wanted to get my hands into and blue eyes. She was wearing a tight-fitting tank top that stopped just below her ample breasts, leaving her mid-drift exposed for all to see. Then her white shorts left little to the imagination.
As I kept my distance and watched her, I noticed that her husband was paying no attention to her! I assumed there was some kind of problem. Maybe they argued before the party. Or maybe he was just a jerk that didn’t realize just how gorgeous his wife was.
As I watched her greeting people, she drifted into a corner and looked uncomfortable, so I went over to meet her.
“Hi! I’m Bill Wilson. I live on the cul-de-sac.”
“Hi, Bill. I’m Michelle Stevens. So, your house must be on the canal.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Oh, we wanted a house on a canal, but couldn’t find one.”
“Yep. They’re hard to find.”
“Do you also have a pool?”
“Oh damn. We wanted a pool too.”
“Well, you’re welcome to come use mine anytime.”
“That’s nice, but what would your wife think of that?”
“I’m not married, Michelle.”
“Oh! I’m surprised that some honey hasn’t grabbed you yet.”
“Ha,” I laughed. “One did for about four years, then I caught her cheating on me.”
“Oh no! I’m sorry.”
“Thanks, but I’m long over it.”
“So, what would Todd think about you using my pool?”
“Ha,” she snickered. “I’ll come over when he’s away on one of his business trips.”
“Good idea.”
I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her gorgeous red hair, and she noticed.
“Is there something wrong with my hair?”
“Oh gosh no! It’s just so gorgeous that my eyes keep being drawn to it.”
“Aww. That’s a nice thing to say.”
“In fact, you are so gorgeous that I would love to take a picture of you. Would you mind?”
“You want a picture of me?”
“Of course!”
“Well, why don’t we go somewhere so Todd won’t see you taking it.” Then she led me out onto the back patio where only a few people were hanging out. “Okay. How is this?” she asked.
“Just perfect,” I said as I took my iPhone and shot a burst of ten pictures.”
“Can I see it?”
The Most Beautiful Redhead 2“Sure,” I replied and let her look at the ten photos, each one was slightly different.
“Wow! How many did you take?”
“Ten. I wanted to try and capture your every adorable expression, but I don’t think I did. When you come over for a swim, you’ll have to let me take more.”
“Okay. Todd leaves Sunday morning and will be gone for four days.”
“Really! Then I’ll be able to get a lot of pictures!”
“Why do want pictures of me?”
“I told you! Because you’re so gorgeous!”
“Be careful, Bill. My heart is fluttering.”
I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and I think she could see my desire for her. And I thought I could see a willingness to “wander” in hers.
“Michelle, your blue eyes are just stunning!”
“Why can’t Todd give me compliments like that?” she said as her face turned pink and she fanned her face with her hand.
“I’m thinking that he doesn’t appreciate the beautiful woman he’s married to.”
“Unfortunately, you’re probably right. We should go back inside.”
“But if it’s okay, I’ll come over for a dip Sunday afternoon.”
“That will be wonderful.”
For the rest of the party, we stayed apart, but couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other. I was beginning to think that getting Michelle into bed was going to be easy.
– – – – –
Sunday afternoon finally came and Michelle rang my doorbell. My heart fluttered at the thought of being alone with her. And my cock grew with its own anticipation.
“Hi, Michelle. Come in.”
“Thanks,” she said and walked past me leaving a trailing whiff of her expensive perfume.
“You look wonderful, but where’s your bikini?”
“Oh, I was hoping I wouldn’t need one,” she whispered as she slipped her arms around my neck and planted a wonderful French kiss on me.
I slipped my arms around her tiny waist, pulled her body to mine, and returned her kiss in like fashion. I ran my fingers through her gorgeous red hair as my cock said, “I want to fuck her! Please let me fuck her!”
I told it, “I think you’re going too. Just be patient.”
We must have kissed for five minutes before she slowly broke it and said, “I thought we could go skinny dipping.”
“That’s a great idea, but first I have to take a picture of you in that dress.”
The Most Beautiful Redhead 3Then I retrieved my handy iPhone and shot another burst of ten pictures. I planned to print them all, spread them out on my bed, and jerk off while looking at them.
Then as Michelle slowly dropped her dress to the floor, she whispered, “Before we go skinny dipping, I think we should go to bed and make love for an hour. Don’t you?”
“I was just thinking the same thing,” I answered as I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped my shorts. That left only my boxer shorts on with a huge bulge in it.
“Oh, my goodness, Bill! Doesn’t that hard-on hurt?”
“Only when it’s confined.”
“Then I should maybe let it out,” she whispered as she knelt down and slowly pushed my boxers to the floor.
Then she took it gently in her hand and stroked it, kissed it lightly, and said, “You poor thing. Is this better?”
As Michelle was comforting my hard-on, I ran my fingers of both hands into her hair and gently pulled. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and let me push it down her throat.
“Oh my god, Michelle! You are amazing!” I whispered as I began to slowly fuck her throat.
“Agg!” she gagged lightly when my full nine inches went down, but she let me do whatever I wanted to.
As I looked down at the top of Michelle’s head and made fists with her red hair, I couldn’t believe that I was getting a deep throat blowjob from such a gorgeous girl; a girl I’d just met a week earlier. No man could ever find a more beautiful girl to get a blowjob from.
“Michelle, you have to stop before I shoot off.”
“Don’t you want to?”
“I do, but I want to make love to you too.”
“Okay,” she whispered as she stood up and kissed me. “Where’s your bedroom? I’m so horny for you! You’d better fuck me for an hour or I’ll tell Todd that you seduced me,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Well, we can’t have that, can we?”
I turned her around, put my arms loosely around her waist, and walked her toward my bedroom. My cock was sliding between her legs and massaging her pussy the whole way.
“Mmm! I feel your stallion between my legs! Does it want me from behind?”
“It does eventually. But right now, it wants you in the missionary position. Its owner wants to feel your legs around his waist.”
The Most Beautiful Redhead 4When we got to my bedroom, Michelle laid down on my king-size bed, spread her long red hair out on the pillow, and said, “Take me, Bill. Take me every way you can think of. Todd hasn’t touched me in months.”
As I crawled onto the bed, I said, “Then he’s a fool, because if you were my wife, I’d be all over you every day.”
“Mmm. You’ve got four days to prove that,” she said as I buried my face between her legs.
I went right to Michelle’s clit and gave it a lot of attention until she two nice orgasms. I guess her body was starving for them because they made her body quiver and she moaned loudly.
“Oh, Bill. Fuck me now, before I have another orgasm.”
So, I quickly crawled up and we kissed hungrily as I pushed my nine-inch cock deep into her body. Then when she wrapped her legs around me, I pushed it all the way in.
“Oh god. You feel so good inside me, Bill. Let’s fuck just like this for four days,” she whispered in my ear as I made a fist with the hair on the top of her head.
“Can you stay with me?”
“Oh yes!” she moaned as another orgasm started to ravish her body.
By the time her orgasm had run its course, I was shooting off. I could feel her cervix with the tip of my cock as it spurted.
“Mmm. Your cum feels so good.”
When my balls were empty, I rolled over and pulled Michelle on top of me. Her long hair spread out on my arm as she laid her head on my shoulder.
“Oh, Bill. That was so wonderful. I could fall in love with you in the next four days.”
“Me too,” I managed to say, thrilled with what she’d said. I was already falling in love with Michelle. How could I not? She is just so gorgeous!
As I ran my fingers through her silky hair, we both fell asleep.
Two hours later, we both were rudely awakened by a cell phone ringing. It sounded like it was coming from the living room.
Michelle jumped awake and said, “Damn! That’s Todd. I’ll have to answer it.” Then she quickly jumped up and ran into the living room.
“Hi, honey.”
“I was taking a nap and my phone was in the living room. Are you there?”
“Good. That was fast.”
“Oh, right. Will you call me tonight? I miss you already.”
“Okay. I’ll be sure to keep my phone with me next time.”
“Do you remember Bill that lives on the cul-de-sac?”
“Well, he invited me to use his pool any time I want.”
“Of course, I will honey. He’s nice, but he’s not you.”
“Oh, don’t worry.”
“Okay. Bye honey.”

When Michelle returned, she crawled back into my arms and said, “Sorry. He thinks that you’ll try to seduce me.”
“Really? Then we need to be extra careful.”
“I guess. But his secretary is with him, so I’m suspicious.”
“Jeez. I’m sorry Michelle.”
“She’s blonde and very beautiful and curvy.”
“Well, he’s a fool if he’s ignoring you for her. If you were mine, I’d never look at another woman. My mind would always be on you.”
“That’s sweet, Bill. I’d give you a blowjob every morning so you wouldn’t have the energy to make it with another woman.”
– – – – –
After a few minutes, we got up and went skinny dipping. When Michelle’s hair was wet, it fell almost to her butt and looked so sexy that I wanted her again. So, we kissed at length, then I turned her around and had her bend over so I could enter her.
“Mmm! You feel so hard this way.”
I took her shoulders along with a good amount of her wet hair and fucked her through two orgasms before shooting off. Then I took her firm boobs in my hands and pulled her up to me.
“Oh, Bill. That was so good. We should do this every day.”
“I intend to. And after I take you to dinner, I want to come home and let you give me a long, slow blowjob.”
“Oh, Bill! Did you read my mind? That’s what I was planning. I want to see if you can hold out for an hour before cumming.”
“Damn! That’s not possible.”
“We’ll see.”
– – – – –
After a nice Chinese dinner, Michelle gave me a long, very slow blowjob. It was easy to tell that she loved what she was doing. She’d lick the head of my cock while looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and drive me almost to the edge, then stop and kiss me. Then she’d lick my entire shaft top to bottom; she’d suck my balls while slowly stroking me; she’d smile at me because she knew she was driving me crazy.
Three times I tried to grab her head and hair and she stopped me, knowing that I’d shoot off if I got my fingers into her gorgeous red hair.
Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed her head in both hands and pulled her face to my stomach, forcing my cock down her throat just as it exploded.
“Cusks!” she coughed on the first hard spurt, but let me finished without the hint of a gag or another cough.
When my cock was finally through, she slowly pulled my cock from her throat, wiped the tears from her cheeks, and kissed me.
“Was that good for you?” she asked.
“What do you think?”
“I loved doing that for you. You won’t believe this, but I thought about sucking you off last week at the party.”
“You did not.”
“I did. When you took those pictures of me, I knew you liked me. That’s when I wanted to show you how much I liked you. I even considered taking you upstairs to a guest room and giving you a quick blowjob. I’d make you cum in less than a minute.”
“Really? I wish you had.”
“It excites me to think about doing things like that right under Todd’s nose.”
“It wouldn’t be exciting to get caught.”
“Yeah. Well, I don’t think about that.”
– – – – –
For the next two years, Michelle and I had an affair every time Todd left town. Then one day he announced that he wanted a divorce so he could marry his secretary, Brigette.
Of course, Michelle was surprised, but not upset. However, she pretended to be very upset and hurt. She intended to get a good settlement in the divorce.
And she did. She got the house, her Mercedes, all the furniture, and a sizeable cash settlement. Then as soon as the divorce was final, she sold the house and moved in with me. Three months later we were married.
That was five years ago and we’re still making love every night. And I get a quick blowjob every morning before work.