[ Following the very positive feedback I’ve gotten on the first two stories, I’m posting part 3. Perhaps others will follow? Thank you to all who have been kind and complimentary! ]

“Your dick is too small.”

Five words. Just those five words were what my wife had told me when I confronted her about seeing her chatting with the very same young black man we’d both seen visiting the young white married couple across the street from us. I’d come into the house from the back door, and then noticed that she was across the street talking with the young white couple, and the same young black guy who had obviously fathered their baby. But what surprised me the most was how friendly and smiling my wife was around them. In fact, she seemed almost giddy; especially towards the young black man!

I have to confess that as I peaked at them from behind the Venetian blinds, I got an erection; and as I stood there, I gave the small bulge it produced some caresses!

I hadn’t seen my wife smiling like that in quite a long time. Normally she was rather withdrawn, and though we never argued or fought, we couldn’t be said to be affectionate! At least, we hadn’t been in a number of years. We lived together companionably enough, but the spark of sexual excitement and adventure had faded between us a long time ago.

So, seeing her ‘flirting’ with this young black man seemed both strange, and yet, at the same time, it was more than a little exciting!

I didn’t ask her about her friendly exchange I’d witnessed till later that night as we were getting ready to go to sleep. We slept in separate bedrooms because I snore, and so as my wife was about to go down the hall to her room, I fumblingly, and awkwardly asked her about it.

She seemed surprised at first. She’d had no idea I seen her out there talking with him. Her reply was somewhat defensive, though not angry. She just said: “So?”

“You were flirting with him,” I said.

Again, instead of being angry or defensive, as I’d thought she would react like, she shrugged her shoulders and said: “What of it?”

“Well,” I said, feeling flushed in the face, “your married, for one thing.”

“And your point is?”

After a short pause, in which I tried to compose myself better, I ended up blurting out: “I suppose you’d like to fuck him?”

She laughed at that. “And what makes you think I haven’t already?”

“Have you?!”

She stood there looking me in the face, studying it, and then she said: “Yes. I have fucked him.”

Hearing her say that left me silent. My pulse was beating harder than normal. My face felt warm and flushed.

Then my wife added: “And, before you say anything else—I plan of fucking him again!”

That was when I said: “Why?” And that was when she replied: “Your dick is too small.” Just like that. Without rancor or malice, as such; just matter-of-fact.