Things were rather inconvenient being stuck at home during the pandemic, his mother only worked half-time, while his dad worked overtime being a “first responder.”  It was so much harder for him to monitor his schedules, and those of his neighbors.  Speaking of schedules he glanced over at his “study room” clock and with a smile changed his computer from the adult game he’d been playing to the Biology classroom channel.  He was looking quite studious when he heard the tapping at his door.  ‘Come in, he responded and turned in his seat to see his mother entering the room with a tray, “Snack time dearie, she said with a smile an laid her tray on the table across the room.’  Stan smiled, and watched a little to closely as his mother bent over and placed the tray on the table. Man-o-day, he thought to himself, she is total MILF.  Thanks mom, he said pushing back from his computer and standing.  He watched as her eyes went to the computer screen.  What’ca studying, she asked?’  ‘Oh, he said, Biology, got a thesis to turn in so’s I can finish class requirements’. His mother nodded, looked around the room for anything that would have to go back to the kitchen.  Satisfied there was nothing, she gave her son a quick peck on the cheek and headed back downstairs.  There was a glass of wine there that had her name on it, and, she had to get dinner started soon.

     As he turned towards the snack tray his eyes were drawn to an unfamiliar car pulling into the driveway of his neighbors driveway.  He moved to the window and watched as his neighbors daughter climbed out of the SUV and unloaded her things.  That’s right, he thought, Colleges were sending students home shorting the semesters for everybody.  He nodded his approval as he watched closely as the girls sorted thru their things so she could take them into the house.  He smiled, damn, it seems that pretty girls run in packs.  The girls sorting out the car were a prime example.  Long legged, perky busted, co-eds, in short a young man’s dream.  Helen, he thought to himself, her name was Helen, I’ll welcome her home a bit later.  Someone came out of the house to help her get all of her things in, Stanley smiled again, the Maid, he thought, and checked his clock, she’d be leaving for home soon, humming the Looney Toon’s song Stan prepared for his afternoon delight.

     Quickly he moved his telescope in front of the window and adjusted it’s height so he could sit in his chair and watch the festivities, moved his tray and snacks to within arms reach and settled in.  He was getting impatient, usually the maid would be taking her shower about now but there was no action in the room where she usually changed.  She was an Asian woman, somewhere in her late thirties, but she had a body, while somewhat petite, was something to behold.  Impatient, Stan scanned each of the windows of the house that faced him.   He was rewarded when he saw movement in the upper windows and noticed that Helen, his neighbors daughter moving around in the room totally nude.