Living in Tucson was the best choice I made. As a travel tech in the health industry I selected a contract after living a short while in Iowa. What a difference! And after a couple years of renegotiating my contract and finally getting my employer to hire me permanently, I bought a house in an upscale neighborhood with lots of privacy. The payments were high, but well worth it. And the weather is simply divine. Yes, I love it hot. The hotter the better.

And yet, the Fall weather has its own charm in Tucson. Cooler temps, well, slightly cooler, and I could still wear sleeveless halter tops, or crop tops with denim shorts and sandals. A girl has to be comfortable and being in my 30’s I still like to show off my body.

It was in August that the house next door was put up for sale. And by October it was sold. I felt it my duty to welcome them, but wasn’t really sure who all moved in next door. After seeing all the moving trucks unload the furniture, I gave the newbies a few days to get settled. Still no sign of the occupants. Even my cat who sits out on my balcony has never told me about who they could be.

After awhile, I did notice a car, from time to time, parked in the driveway. It was a BMW i8 Roadster with a soft top. Nice choice, I thought to myself. Hmmm, was hoping it might even be a single female. Fuck, I had taken half a day off from work and was on my second glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and started to daydream out on my balcony. I was looking down into their backyard which was empty and felt myself leaning too far over the balustrade. Damn alcohol is going to kill me one of these times, ha, ha.

I decided it was best to relax in the patio lounge chair. I had a set of two for whenever a lucky girl stayed over after a night of prowling the college bars. It was called an Orbital design and if you lean back just right, it would gently begin to rock. I unbuttoned my denim shorts and let them fall to the ground. I sat down feeling the material hug my sexy ass as I spread my tanned legs and placed my feet on each side of the chair. My right hand slipped under my black mesh panties and easily slid over my smooth mound. I swear my vaginal lips were already wet imagining I had a hot new girl for a neighbor. Working my fingers the length of my slit, I let out a couple of discreet moans. And when I felt ready, pushed two fingers inside and began to work my tight hole. I closed my eyes and let my mouth hang open listening to the birds sing in the nearby trees. I felt so wet it seemed I could put my whole hand inside. As I neared the edge Miss Cat started to meow. Damn cat, I should’ve closed the sliding doors! Hearing her jump up on the glass patio table, I opened my eyes and watched her smell my wine glass. Go ahead kitty, it’s good for you ha, ha. I continued to finger bang my pussy as I was so close I couldn’t stop. Miss Cat decided to lay on the table and swish her tail. Fuck! I was cumming and actually let out a small scream. I quickly put my left hand to my mouth as my eyes stared over into the neighbor’s yard.