The Night i Became a She

It was a busy day at work, I was trying hard to finish all my pending tasks that seemed to be endless but somehow I managed to sign the last paper and slowly moved away from my computer holding my bag low to the ground so my manager couldn’t see that I was heading home.

The streets were jammed with a lot of cars in both directions . It was still early in the evening but the rainy dark sky made it look like midnight.i put on some music and loosen my tie trying to relax and soothe my brain preventing it from overthinking about many things that i will till you soon.

My mobile bluetooth switched from music to phone call ring , I picked up the call…
I still get goosebumps every time I remember his voice , he told me he already reached near my home. Later I knew that he was there for hours sitting in the near car park waiting to see my arrival.

I was 30 and never been with a man but somehow I felt that I am sure I will handle it well when the time comes.

Not looking at the security desk in my building lobby I quickly sneaked in the elevator like I was afraid that someone would know what was about to happen, even though I was still dreaming of the time that I would get caught doing it ,and accidentally fulfill one of my deepest fantasies .

I reached out to my keys and opened the door , a familiar hand wrapped around my waist and gently pushed me in. The door was shut.

It was about a week since we met , he was visiting a friend on the same floor when I was in my studio doorway half naked trying to get some cold air into my apartment after my AC broke again , he was leaving for the night when he looked over his shoulder and his eyes dropped on me .It was about midnight ,In my low waist underwear , shaved body and pinkish nipples ,what an ideal situation.He smiled and asked me if am fine , i apologized and told him about the AC and that’s when everything started….

Few days later came home for an under door note “ This is my number , Can’t stop thinking about you, BTW did you fixed the AC, i have a feeling that it will only get hotter”

I hesitated before calling him , then i decided to text his number “Thx for asking , The AC is working again , do you want to see it yourself 🙂 “ and in less than a minute i got the answer “ yes sure, when? “

Tonight was the agreed night..

His hand around my waist, he shut the door and gently pushed me in.
Went into the bathroom , had a quick wash and changed my clothes.