The Other Side of Midnight - Pt. 02The Other Side of Midnight - Pt. 02 2


Her maroon saree had hugged her body tightly. On earlier occasion I had not been able to properly look at her figure. I had only seen her from front and due to her pallu wrapped around her, I had just made out that she is a beautiful piece. But now, things were totally different. Since her height was around 5’3″ and the door lock located at the top of it was around 6 feet high from the ground, she was literally unable to reach it. In the meanwhile her pallu had come out of the catch and was hanging behind her. I noticed she wore a red blouse which had a big back cut. I saw her milky white back where her skin pores were clearly visible under a few strands of her loose hair. Her skin seemed soft like snow. Secondly I saw the blouse was sleeveless. Perhaps this is the village way of Indian women getting dressed up after getting married since they can’t dare to choose lingerie wears or victoria’s secret at home.

It might have taken about 10 seconds to notice all these. I put the bike on main stand and went near her to help her shut the door. As I went close to her, I caught a slight smell of rajanigandha and since her right hand was lifted up trying to shut the door, I could clearly see her neat armpit. It was of same complexion as that of her other areas I had so far seen. She had it shaved probably at the time of her wedding which was 2 weeks back according to her. The reason for this conclusion was that about 2mm armpit hair had started appearing. Those tiny hairs were black and were strikingly visible in contrast to her super fair skin. I couldn’t help but got hypnotized again.

I could feel a little movement inside my zipper. I knew this had to be controlled. I was a refugee there and couldn’t afford to look at the new bride of their household and above all the new bride of their village with sinful eyes. I averted my eyes and looked at her only to find that she had been staring at me with a confused look. Certainly she had caught me red handed feasting on her vulnerability. She quickly looked other way and brought her hand down in an instant. I tried to look innocent and locked the door for her.

“Change in there.” She pointed her left left index finger towards a place which had a tubewell and a polished concrete square around it. It had a small drain connected to the square which allowed the used water to flow out of the house. There was a thin plastic rope fastened wall to wall which had 2 towels on it left to dry. I moved to one of them and pulled out the better and newer one. The other one was a general saffron colored and looked cheap. Probably belonged to the drunk old guy I thought.