The Package…Her nightmare is only just beginning..
Sandra stood waiting in the middle of the carless garage. Her latest listing, an isolated 3 bedroom house in the country with an attached two car garage was empty, and she was hoping the prospective buyer she was meeting would jump on the deal.

She checked her phone, looking for a reply from her teenage daughter, Sophie, about when and where to pick her up after cheer practice. The teen’s last practice before the Thanksgiving break. With no reply yet, she tucked the phone back in her purse and straightened her skirt.

She felt a bit devilish now, as she slid her hands down over the fabric, not a panty line in sight. Having been running late this morning she had just pulled on her pantyhose and nothing else. Thinking that her skirt was just long enough to keep everything hidden. And ‘who would see her privates anyways’ she pondered as she darted out the door.

With that ironic thought passing through our Sandra’s brain, she heard a noise behind her in the empty space. She turned to see two large men, dressed in black boots, black jeans and black tight fitting sweaters, entering the garage. She gulped as one said, ”Well hello Sandra, I am Carl, I talked with you on the phone, about a prospective purchase.”

She held out her hand to shake his, sensing something wasn’t right. The other man’s eyes moving up and down her body in a completely obvious, checking her out manner. The even bigger and leering man was carrying a duffle bag and had a growing smirk on his face that made her want to turn and run.

She shook her head and decided it was all in her mind. Shaking Carl’s hand, she turned to pull her listing sheet out of her purse. Then there was a blur of motion and something covering her mouth. Her panicked sudden scream dying off in seconds as she inhaled through the cloth and her world went blank.


Sandra’s cloudy tear filled eyes followed the feet in her near vision. She felt something tugging at her elbows and moaned into the tape gag so hideously wrapped around her head. Her mouth was pried open and the sides of her cheeks crushed by the tape. Drool and something else horrible leaked from the hurting corners of her held open mouth. She couldn’t make a single decipherable word as she tried to beg and plead.

“UUGHGH URRGHGH” she groaned as she felt the rope, wrapped tight around her elbows, being tightened even further. The man behind her tying them with a length of rope securely to the corner of the wooden shipping pallet she lay curled up on.

Her panicked eyes looked upward as Carl stood tall over her. A clipboard in his hand. “Well don’t you look like the perfect Thanksgiving treat, all trussed up like a turkey.” He laughed.

Sandra tried to scream again, but it only made him laugh harder. She started to sob, her whole aching captive body trembling in terror. She felt so humiliated and so trapped. She could feel her full breasts hanging out over her bra cups, her blouse ripped open to expose her heaving chest to these two horrible men.