There’s a friend of a friend of mine who is a personal trainer. He hired me to video a training session for his wife who is looking to lose weight, but is too embarrassed to sweat it out at the gym.

When I got to the house and saw her, I could see why. She was BURSTING out of her top.

The Personal Trainer

I was doing my best not to stare, but how the hell could you not. What a pair of knockers!

I set up my gear and began to take videos of the exercise segment. Stretching, slow deliberate movements, and he was coaching his wife through it all. I was enjoying it, because I knew that I’d be able to make little candid clips of her jugs jigging for my own pleasure.

Then, as luck would have it, things got really interesting.

The Personal Trainer 2

The wife was stretching with her legs spread apart, and I got a incredible view of her cleavage. It was magnificent. The whole time I was zoned out, thinking of how amazing it would feel to fuck those huge tits.

The two of them were giggling at the awkwardness of the stretches, and they joked about how he could see down her top. She then replied,

“Well if you can see, our camera-man might be able to as well!”

I blushed. They laughed as I stammered a polite few words about how I wasn’t focusing on that (when really, I WAS) and I was trying my hardest to be as professional as possible.

The Personal Trainer 3

And then, THIS happened.

No joke. She leaned back to stretch with her legs spread wide, and I got the full view of her pussy. I swear I couldn’t have planned this any better. By the looks of it, I was starting to think they planned this all along, because…

The Personal Trainer 4

THIS was the next set of exercises.

I stopped the camera. I had to ask if they were putting me on, and if this was some kind of trap to get me in trouble.

They laughed and said that they hoped that I wasn’t insulted, and that they were trying to get a professional to do a shoot that was a little more risqué, but were turned down. Apparently I was highly recommended by my friend (who knew I was a big damn pervert) and said I’d be game for this.


So there I am, hard as a rock, with a beautiful buxom woman and her well-manicured man in front of me, asking me to film them having sex.


I switched the camera on, and let them go to work.

The Personal Trainer 5

Without any hesitation, she reached into his shorts and starting caressing his cock. I’m guessing he was fairly ready to go, because I had just enough time to adjust my focus on the action before she took it into her mouth and lovingly sucked it to stiffness.

The Personal Trainer 6
While she slurped and sucked, she pulled her GIGANTIC tits out of her top and massaged them with her hands. I couldn’t believe how huge they were. At this point, my cock was twitching and making my pants pretty damn tight.