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I am a 20 years old lady from Bangalore. I live with my dad, who is 39 years old now. He was married at his 18 and after a year I was born. My mom was 1 year younger than him. When I was 3 years old, mom left dad because of great misunderstanding between them. So my dad brought me up being both father and mother. He was just 22 years old by then and I can imagine how difficult it was for him to upkeep me.

He is a junior officer at one of the private company here in Delhi. He earns good amount of money each month which is more than enough for us to survive on. As soon as I finished my 12th grade, I started taking full responsibility of household chore. I was doing all the things as we did not have any maid. I used to cook, was the clothes, clean the house and everything that come up. My dad used to spend whole day at office and come back at 8 o’clock every weekdays.

On Saturdays, we used to go around for shopping and some other things. Sunday, he has half day at office and he comes home bit early. Some six months ago, when dad left for office at around 8 in the morning, I went to bathroom to collect the dirty clothes to wash. I found that there was a little mess. Clothes in the basket was bit s**ttered. Maybe dad was looking for something; I thought and started collecting the clothes.

I was picking the clothes one by one and very surprised to find one of my bras wet from inside. I was very sure that I had taken it out before taking shower in the morning. There was wetness in both the cups. I took it to my nose and sniffed. There was a strange smell that I never knew. Then I took my panty and found that it was also wet and had the same smell. I was sure that I hadn’t had masturbated last night and I didn’t have any orgasm and I had taken it off before going under shower.

I took that for a while and thought what that could be. There was no one at the house apart from we two and I was sure that it was dad who did it. When I thought of it, then I had little bit wet pussy. Thinking of dad wetting my panty made me horny and bit lusty too. I was shivering with the feeling. I suddenly started thinking of making relation with my dad, though I had never thought of him like that. But now I was seeing him differently.

I searched underwear of him from the clothesbasket and found one that he worn the day before. I took it close to my nose and sniffed! ohhhhhhhhhhhh! it was a great smell. I was completely down by that time. I undressed myself and wore his underwear. Ohhhh, it felt so good one hand I was thinking that I was doing wrong, but dad was also doing wrong. On other hand I was thinking that how poor my dad was. He was living alone since last 17 years and still he was young so it is natural that he had sexual urge.