Sandra did well at the brothel on Gladstone Street. Her name and her mysterious appearance were a real money-spinner. She took up sex-work because she could do it at night while her husband looked after their toddler.

She was nervous on her first night because she hadn’t worked in the sex industry since before she’d had the baby. But her fears were dispelled on her first night when she discovered how horny the breast milk that oozed from her forty-inch bust made her clients. She was even happier when she quickly realised that she could charge extra money for it. It became a regular fifty-dollar-on-top fantasy for her clients. That, and, getting guys up twice within the hour and letting them shoot their second load – usually a bucket full, all over her face.

Whatever fantasy money any of the girls charged on top was all theirs – the establishment took fifty-per cent of the standard client fee.

‘If you’re thinking of going out street-walking or making your own arrangements with clients, please don’t – the extra money is not worth the risk’ the Madam always said, ‘it’s way too dangerous!’

Sandra thought so too until she met the middle-aged, divorced public servant, Marc Brown. He came every second Thursday for his regular two hours.

Unusually for a white guy, Marc Brown had a huge cock – almost 9 inches long and beautifully thick. His divorce had sent him broke so he wasn’t seeing anyone – when he turned up at the brothel he was incredibly horny. Marc had done the rounds of Canberra’s brothels and Sandra was by far the best value among the Fyshwick sex-workers in 1991. Sandra had a knock-out body, slim, firm, leggy and busty – under a nice face and long, dyed-blonde hair. Sandra’s working name was Velvet. Both Velvet by name and Velvet by nature – the inside of her tight pussy and her generous mouth were pure velvet – plush, soft and firm at the same time – sensual and stylish – regal and slutty all rolled into one.

Every second Thursday she would wrap those luscious lips of hers around his cock, at least three sometimes four times in two hours. It was pure ecstasy for both of them! Expensive for Marc, but ecstasy none the less. Their routine rarely changed – first up she’d get him stiff and ride him till he blew his load. Then, after a quick massage, she would get him hard again with her mouth, ride him again, until he was just about to blow and then whip his cock out at the last second, slip underneath him and take the second, bigger load, all over her face. This drove him wild. She usually managed to get him up again twice in the second hour too.

Marc Brown had been asking Sandra for some time now if she’d consider meeting him outside of the brothel.

‘You know me now,’ he coaxed, ‘you know I’m safe. You can get your husband to drop you off at my place in O’Connor and pick you up a few hours later. You’d get to keep all the money – make it four hundred for three hours! How’s that sound?’ he asked.