The Rabbi’s wife was so hot that I just had to have her! And their daughter was hot, too, and seemed to want me.

The Rabbi’s Wife and Daughter
My wife and I used to belong to a so-called “messianic” congregation and attended services every Friday night for three years. The “rabbi” was actually an engineer at a local IT company and stumbling through a disjointed, boring sermon every weekend didn’t qualify him as a “rabbi,” but everyone called him that, and his wife thought of him as one.
Once a month they would host a potluck dinner at their home for the entire congregation. John’s wife, Brenda, was really hot and I could never take my eyes off of her for more than a few seconds. She had long, thick brown hair to which she added blonde highlights, brown eyes, and a sexy look about her that really made my cock hard. Her hair would always fall across her eyes and I wanted desperately to reach out and push it away, then grab a handful of it and pull her lips to mine. Brenda knew she was hot and that all the guys probably wanted her. And she was probably right.
I had many fantasies of getting Brenda alone and wrestling her to the floor and fucking her good the way she needed to be fucked. She would resist at first, then give in and let me do anything I wanted to her rather than scream and get us caught by someone. Once I had her, she wouldn’t let me go until I’d fucked her through three orgasms.
But for over a year I had to be satisfied with my fantasies. Although I was in Brenda’s home once a month, I was never alone with her.
But that changed a month ago. We live in the same subdivision and I had agreed to pick Brenda up on my way to services. My wife was out of town visiting her family.
When I knocked on the door, from inside I heard Brenda yell, “Come in, Bill. It’s open!”
So, I let myself in and heard her say, “I’m running late. Be right there.”
She was upstairs in the master bedroom, so I quickly went up there, realizing that my chance to have Brenda had presented itself. When I walked through the door, she was half-dressed, wearing only a blue blouse and panties, and was extremely shocked to see me standing there.
“Oh! You shouldn’t be in here, Bill.”
As I walked toward her, I said, “I know, but I can’t resist you any longer.”
She was frozen in place like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. I walked up to her and ran my fingers of both hands through her hair, pushing it away from her eyes. Then I slid them behind her head and kissed her hungrily. At first, she didn’t respond and tried to pull away from me. But when I held her head tight and persisted to kiss her, she moaned and kissed me back.
Then I moved my hands down around her waist and she put her arms around my neck as I pulled her body to mine. The bulge in my pants pressed squarely against her pussy when I slid one hand down to her ass and pulled.
“Bill, we can’t do this,” Brenda whispered, but without any conviction.
I could tell that she was turned on by the way she was shaking. She was trying to resist my advances but was having a hard time doing so.
“Yes, we can, Brenda. I’ve wanted you since that first night we met and now I’m going to have you.”
I pushed her down on the bed and landed between her legs. We kissed hungrily again, but she soon started to resist again.
“No, I can’t do this,” she repeated.
“I know you want me inside you, Brenda. You want me to fuck you,” I whispered as I began to hump her.
She moaned and spread her legs wider, allowing my bulge to rub her pussy better. She seemed to stop struggling with herself and give in to her sexual desires. She started to eagerly kiss me back and humped my cock as it pressed against her pussy.
“Take me, Bill. It’s been so long since John made love to me.”
“Say you want me to fuck you,” I whispered in her ear.
After hesitating, she said, “I want you to fuck me, Bill. I need to be fucked.”
After kissing again, I stood up and pulled her up with me. Then I pushed her to her knees and dropped my pants, making my cock flop out in her face.
“Suck my cock, Brenda,” I ordered.
I grabbed her head in both hands and pushed my cock into her mouth. She didn’t resist at all as I pushed it down her throat, making her gag hard.
“Agg!” she gagged and tried to push away.
But I held her head tight until she gagged again. Then I released her so she could breathe.
After coughing, she said, “I’ve never done that before, Bill!”
“Never done a deep throat?”
“No, never done oral sex before.”
“Really? Then it’s about time you did.”
I pulled her head again and she opened her mouth to take me in. I held her head steady and fucked her mouth for several minutes. The feeling of her warm virgin mouth around my cock and the feel of her hair in my fingers were quickly driving me to a climax. I wanted to cum in her mouth. It would obviously be her first taste of cum. But I still wanted to fuck her good. I had to stop, so I pulled Brenda to her feet and quickly pushed her panties down and she kicked them off.
Then I pushed her down on the bed again and got between her legs. She wrapped them around my waist and whispered, “Are you going to fuck me?”
“Yes. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll never forget the feel of my cock thrusting inside you.”
That seemed to really turn her on because she moaned and kissed me with so much tongue and passion that it surprised me.
I reached down and guided my cock into her, then thrust hard, sinking it all the way into her body.
“Ugh!” she groaned in surprise and pleasure.
I held my cock deep inside her for a full thirty seconds so we both could relish its feeling. I could feel Brenda’s pussy muscles squeezing my cock, wanting it to thrust. My left hand had a handful of her hair and my right hand was under her ass. It was time to fuck her, so I started to thrust slowly and deeply, grinding my hips with each deep penetration. She moaned every time I pushed in deep and pulled with her legs and feet. She wanted to be fucked and was helping me fuck her.
After several minutes, I was about to cum, so I pulled out of her to let the feeling subside.
“Don’t stop, Bill. You feel so good inside me,” she begged.
“What do you want me to do, Brenda?”
“Fuck me! Please fuck me!”
My climax was now distant, so I pushed deep into her again, hitting her cervix hard.
“Ugh! That’s it. Fuck me hard like that.”
Gorgeous Brenda, the rabbi’s wife, liked to be fucked hard, so that’s what I was going to do. I pulled halfway out, then rammed into her hard, hitting her cervix again.
I rammed into her again.
“Ugh! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!”
I continued to pound into Brenda’s cervix as an orgasm swept through her body, making her moan loudly, and her body quiver.
As her orgasm ended, I whispered, “I’m going to cum inside you. Get ready.”
“No please don’t. I’m not on the pill.”
“Then I’ll cum in your mouth,” I said as I pulled out of her and moved up to straddle her chest with my wet cock at her face.
She turned her head and said, “No, not that. I can’t.”
I grabbed her head, turned it toward my waiting cock, and pushed it in as she opened her mouth. She gulped when it went in, so I leaned forward and pushed it down her throat just as it exploded. My cum shot forcefully down her throat in repeated spurts, making her gag as it went down.
Brenda’s warm, tight throat felt so good that my cock kept spurting for what seemed like two or three minutes. She was struggling to breathe and push me away, but I was too strong and too heavy. She had to take my cum straight into her stomach until I was finished.
As I finished and pulled out, I knew that Brenda would never forget the first time a cock went down her throat or the feel of warm cum shooting down into her stomach. Her first blowjob was forced and I knew she’d never forget it.
“Suck all of my cum out!” I ordered.
Brenda took my cock back into her mouth and sucked hard until all of my cum had been swallowed. Then while I was still hard, I flipped her over and quickly fucked her from behind, shoving my cock deep into her body.
“Ugh! Make me cum again, Bill. Fuck me!”
Brenda was really deprived of sex and needed to be fucked. She liked to be dominated in bed and I was just the guy to do it. I planned to somehow fuck Brenda every week from that point on.
I pounded her from behind for only a few minutes when she had another intense orgasm. She gripped the sheets and buried her face in the pillow as she groaned through it.
Just as her orgasm was over, my cock became too soft to stay in her and slipped out. I collapsed beside her on the bed so we both could catch our breath.
Finally, Brenda said, “We shouldn’t have done that, Bill. It was wrong.”
“But you wanted it and needed it, Brenda. Now I’ll fuck you whenever I want and you’ll cooperate.”
She didn’t respond because she knew I was right.
– – – – –
It was two weeks later during their monthly potluck dinner when I pulled Brenda aside and whispered, “Meet me in your master bathroom in five minutes. I want a blowjob.”
As I walked away, I heard her say, “I can’t get….”
Five minutes later I was in their master bathroom with the light out when Brenda came in and closed and locked the door. We kissed hungrily for a minute as my cock grew hard. Then I pushed her down to her knees, unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and pushed it into her waiting mouth.
“Mmm!” she protested my forcefulness.
I grabbed her head, sinking my fingers into her thick hair, and started to fuck her mouth. I thrust deeper and deeper until my cock was thrusting down her throat, making her gag. But I kept at it until I shot off while pulling her face against my stomach. She struggled, but I held her tight until I was finished.
As I pulled out of her mouth, I said, “That was great, Brenda. You can go.”
She coughed a couple of times and left without a word. I could see that her hair was mussed in two areas where I had held her head.
– – – – –
A week later I left work early just to see if I could get Brenda alone again. She was a school teacher and got home at least an hour before John. That fact gave me the time I needed.
I rang the doorbell and Brenda opened the door.
“Bill!” she said, obviously surprised to see me standing there.
I pushed in and closed the door behind me.
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m going to give you a quick fuck,” I said and grabbed her around the waist.
“No. John could come home any minute.”
“I’ll be quick.”
She knew that he wouldn’t be home for at least an hour, so she didn’t resist when we kissed passionately.
“I’m going to fuck you on the living room floor, right where everyone gathers each month. That way we’ll have secret memories.”
I pushed her backward into the living room, lifted her dress, and pushed down her lace panties. After she stepped out of them, I pushed her to the floor where she laid down and watched as I dropped my pants. My cock was hard and ready as I laid down between her legs, pushing her dress up as I did.
Without kissing her, I pushed my cock into her and watched her reaction. She closed her eyes tight and moaned as she pushed her hips up to better receive me.
As I started to thrust into her, I leaned forward on my hands and said, “You love my cock don’t you, Brenda?”
“Yes. It feels so good inside me.”
“You’d like for me to fuck you every day, wouldn’t you?”
“You’re my personal fuck aren’t you, Brenda?”
“Say it!” I demanded.
“I’m your personal fuck, Bill.”
She was thrusting her hips, wanting me to fuck her harder. I watched the look of desperation on her face as I kept my thrusts slow and shallow.
Then I asked, “You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you?”
“Oh yes! Please fuck me, Bill. I want it so much!”
So, I laid down on her and we kissed hungrily as I rammed into her, hitting her cervix repeatedly.
“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she groaned with each hard thrust.
She locked her legs around my waist and held on as we fucked. I grabbed her hair and made two fists with it as we kissed.
Just as her orgasm began to take hold of her, I shot my load deep inside her, squirting my cum against her cervix. She was so lost in her orgasm that she didn’t feel me shoot off.
When her orgasm was over, I rolled off as my cock was still jerking in the air.
“Did you cum inside me?” she said almost in outrage.
I just smiled and said, “I did.”
“Dammit, Bill! You know you shouldn’t do that!”
“Deal with it, Brenda. My cock is wet, so you need to suck it clean.”
“What?” she said as she sat up.
“Suck me clean!” I demanded.
I reached out, grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her head and mouth down to my cock. She took it reluctantly into her mouth and sucked and swallowed until it was clean.
“Good girl. Now I should go. You were great. See you Friday night.”
I pulled up my pants and left, leaving Brenda sitting in the middle of the living room floor with her dress up around her waist and my cum oozing slowly out of her pussy onto the carpet.
– – – – –
At the next potluck dinner, John and Brenda’s adorable teenage daughter, Christine, took me aside and whispered, “How long have you been fucking my mom?”
“What?” I asked in disbelief.
“I was home when you fucked her on the living room floor the other day. She didn’t know I was home from school yet. So, answer my question,” she demanded
I had been caught, so there was no need to try and deny it.
“About a month, I guess. Why?”
“Well, if my dad found out you’d be in trouble, to say nothing about your wife finding out.”
“So, what do you want to be quiet? How much?”
“I don’t want your money, Bill. I want your cock! I want it just like my mom gets it.”
My stomach did a backflip when I heard her say that. Christine was a gorgeous little thing, eighteen years old with short black hair, brown eyes, and pouty lips that demanded to be kissed and to be parted with my nice hard cock. I’d noticed her all along but figured that she would consider me to be too old for her, so I never flirted with her or even approached her in any way. Now here she was saying that she wanted my cock! I had to steady myself against the wall.
“Are you serious?”
“I’m very serious. And to prove it, I’ll suck you off right now.”
“You’re joking!”
“I’ll show you how much I’m joking. Come up to my room in three minutes,” she whispered, smiled, and walked away toward the stairs.
I stood there stunned. Little Christine just said she would suck me off! She wanted me to fuck her like I fuck her mother! It was all too much for me to process!
Five minutes later I was in Christine’s bedroom with my cock in her mouth. My hands were buried in her hair as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I was standing against the door where she had pushed me before dropping to her knees.
She was good at giving head but wasn’t taking me deep enough, so I pulled and thrust at the same time, forcing my cock to the back of her throat.
“Agg,” she gagged but kept sucking me.
So, I pulled her head again, forcing my cock all the way down her throat, and held it there.
“Agg,” she gagged hard that time and tried to pull away.
“Take it all, Christine!” I ordered.
Without a word, she pushed her head forward and forced my whole eight-inch cock down her throat. I held it there as I started to shoot off, sending spurts of cum down into her stomach. When I finished, she moaned and sucked my cock until it was drained.
As she sucked, I ran my fingers through her soft hair and looked down at her. She was a cute little thing and I was excited with the thought of fucking her. I was going to fuck her and her mother and enjoy them immensely.
After she was done, I quickly stuffed my cock back in my pants and went downstairs so I wouldn’t be missed. There were so many people milling around their large house that it would be impossible to notice the absence of just one or two people.
I found Brenda and whispered in her ear, “Meet me on the patio in five minutes.”
“I don’t know if I can.”
“You’ll work it out.”
Five minutes later Brenda leaned against the wall beside me.
“What’s so important? Someone could see us.”
“Don’t worry. We just look like we’re friends talking.”
“So, what’s going on?”
“Guess who knows about us?”
“Who?” She was so shocked that she almost yelled it.
“Christine was home the other day when we did it on the living room floor.”
“Oh my god! How did you know?”
“She told me about twenty minutes ago and said she wanted something for her silence.”
“Oh god. What does she want, money?” She was starting to cry.
“No, guess again.”
“I don’t know. Tell me!”
“She wants to have sex with me. She said, ‘Fuck me like you fuck my mom.’”
“Oh my GOD! What did you say?”
“I didn’t believe her, so she proved that she was serious.”
“Proved it how? Don’t tell me you did.”
“She just gave me a blowjob; a nice one.”
Brenda turned and slapped me and said, “You son-of-a-bitch! You didn’t!”
“What would you have me do, let her tell John and Sandy?”
That settled her down. “No, I suppose not. Sorry.”
“She’s eighteen and can have sex with whomever she wants.”
“I know that.”
“We have no choice if we want our affair to remain a secret.”
“Our affair ends right now!” she said and walked away shaking her head and wiping away tears.
– – – – –
At services the next Friday, Christine managed to whisper to me, “I want you tomorrow. Get a room at La Quinta. I’ll be there at one.”
My stomach turned over again as I imagined getting between Christine’s legs. I thought, “She is such a gorgeous little thing and she just said she wants me tomorrow! I’m going to fuck her so hard that she’ll never forget it.”
– – – – –
Christine met me in the lobby of the La Quinta and we took the elevator up to the second floor. As the door closed, she put her arms around my neck and we kissed hungrily. I pushed her against the wall and humped my bulge against her crotch.
“Mmm. You feel hard already,” she whispered.
“I’ve been hard for you all day. When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk straight.”
“Oh, that’s just what I need!”
In our room, we kissed as we quickly stripped. When I pulled Christine’s nude body to mine for the first time, I almost shot off there and then. It felt warm and slender and her pussy was wet already as I laid her down on the bed and she brought her legs up around my waist.
“Fuck me good, Bill. I really want it.”
As we kissed passionately, I pushed my hard cock into her body, making her moan and arch her hips up to better receive me.
“God, you feel so big,” she whispered.
“I’m going to fuck you ‘til you beg me to stop. You feel as tight as a virgin.”
“I am a virgin.”
“But I didn’t feel your hymen.”
“I popped it with a cucumber a few weeks ago. I was thinking of you when I did it.”
“Mmm! That’s so sexy!”
We had been slowly thrusting as we talked but began to increase our pace. I grabbed her hair in my hands and pumped her hard, hitting her cervix each time.
“Ugh! That feels so amazing! I’m going to cum, Bill. Keep doing that.”
I kept ramming into Christine’s cervix until she groaned loudly as an orgasm ravished her body.
“Oh fuck! Fuck! It’s so good!” she moaned as it consumed her body.
I held her tight until it was over, then we kissed softly as I kept thrusting slowly.
“Oh wow! That was my first orgasm with a cock inside me. It was so good!”
“That’s really special. I didn’t realize that I would be your first.”
“I wish I’d saved myself for you. I wanted you to pop me, but I got too carried away with that cucumber.”
“That’s okay. You feel like a virgin anyway. You’re really tight.”
“Yes. I could fuck your tight little body all day.”
“Then keep fucking me,” she whispered as she started to thrust her hips up at me again.
– – – – –
I fucked Christine until almost midnight. If I counted correctly, she had seven orgasms. And every month when her parents had their potluck dinner, I would sneak up to her bedroom for a quick blowjob and no one was ever the wiser. And about twice a month I would leave work early and stop by Brenda’s house and fuck her good. She had decided that she could live with her daughter fucking me as long as I continued to fuck her as well.
This continued for almost eight months when my wife and I decided to convert to Judaism and started attending services at the local synagogue. After we did that, John and Brenda considered us to be traders or something like that and wouldn’t talk to us again. And Brenda certainly wouldn’t fuck me.
But little Christine didn’t care about that, she just wanted me between her legs as often as possible. We would often meet at the mall after dark and get in my car for a quick blowjob. She learned quickly to take my cock all the way down without gagging and loved to feel my cum surging down her throat. My affair with Christine continued until she got married during her last year of college.
She was so happy to see me at her wedding that she whispered as we danced, “I want to give you one more nice blowjob, Bill.”
“On your wedding day?”
“Yes. It will be a naughty secret that we’ll always share. Okay?”
“Okay, meet me in the church library in five minutes. I’ll tell Greg that I’m going to change.”
“Okay. Five minutes in the library.”
When I entered the dark, quiet library, I had no idea where Christine was hiding, so I just cleared my throat and waited.
“Psst. I’m up here,” she whispered loudly from the second-floor balcony. She was still wearing her wedding dress!
I quickly climbed the stairs and followed her to the back corner of the large second floor of bookshelves. She stopped next to a window overlooking the church’s large parking lot. I was going to get a blowjob from the bride as late arrivals walked past the window to attend the reception.
We kissed hurriedly, then she dropped to her knees, waiting for me to get my cock out.
I said, “Why don’t I fuck you instead?”
“Umm. I don’t know. I am married now,” she said hesitantly.
“Come on, Christine. A blowjob would be nice, but I want you to have an orgasm also.”
She stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “You’re so sweet! Why are you already taken? You’d be perfect for me.”
“I know. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Now turn around and lay down on the table.”
Christine obediently turned around and bent over the reading table. Her large wedding dress was quite bulky and got in the way, but I was able to push it up over her waist, pull her thong panties aside and push my cock into her wet pussy.
“Mmm god! You always feel so big!” she groaned as she closed her eyes and dropped her head to the table.
I grabbed her shoulders and pounded into her hard and fast until we had mutual climaxes. She groaned softly as I pushed deep into her and shot my load.
“Mmm. I’m going to miss you, Bill. You’ve always fucked me so good!”
She stood up and we kissed lovingly. “Your cum is running down my leg.”
“You should go clean up.”
“No! I want to let it run down my leg as I talk to everyone at the reception. That will be so naughty, don’t you think?”
“It sure will be.”
Back in the reception, Christine whispered to me, “I wonder if Greg will taste your cum when he goes down on me tonight?”
“Christine! You should clean up really good!”
She laughed and said, “I will. I was pulling your leg.”
That was the last time I ever saw Christine. She and Greg moved to Arizona when they graduated a month later.