When Gina came home, I told what happened today and hope she didn’t mind that i had fucked both of her roommates even though I knew she wouldn’t mind. When I told her how before that, how I tortured Lisa, she said great,well that made her day.
Friday came and all of us were busy setting up for the party. Of course Lisa was running around the house more naked than not. Gina laid down the ground rules about sexual behavior, directing most of if it towards Lisa, not that it would do any good. Gina told me that because their would be other men here, maybe she will keep her hand out of my pants. Gina sent the girls out to get a few last minute things and while they were gone, I bent her over the kitchen table for a quick fuck. At that time she told me that she had invited Sharon and John and that they would be staying overnight because the wanted to have fun and drink. I told her that I was fine with that, maybe her Sharon and I could sleep together and play, and of course make John watch or push him off on Lisa.
At about 8:30 PM a lot of Gina’s guest have arrived, I’d guess about 20 so far. More women that men and various shapes and sizes and races, not a one of them would I kick out of bed. All of them work at the hospital as doctors, Nurses and support staff. Gina was enjoying showing off her new boy toy. She asked me if I minded her introducing me as her boyfriend, of I didn’t mind. Everybody was dressed very casual and most of the women were flashing a lot of skin to include my three ladies. Gina was wearing a jean skirt that enhanced her hot ass and a yellow striped midriff tied under her bra less tits flashing full cleavage. Bonnie was wearing purple flowered knees length yoga pants with a same color thing that looked like a bandanna. it would take a lot to make her topless. And now for Lisa. She was wearing a painted on very short black short. A gold halter top that was tight under her massive tits, but loose around the rest. If she moved to fast one way or another, the girls would be in full display.
Gina introduced me to one girl, her name was Betty. She was black. About 5’3″, 145 pounds, built very similar to Gina. She was wearing jean that hugged her nice ass and looked like they were painted on, a sheer white shirt open to her belly covering a sheer red bra that had her tits spilling over the top and her hard nipples were visible. Gina said that she has never been to her house and was going to show her around and asked me if I wanted to come with them, and the she gave me a wink. It didn’t take much to see what she was up to. After seeing the main house we head down to the basement which is a finished family room with a separate bedroom for guest. Gina asked me to go back, get a bottle of wine and some glasses so we can get away from the crowd for a few minutes.
When I returned, I froze in my tracks. There was Gina sitting on the sofa, naked with a also naked Betty between her legs eating her sweet cunt. Gina looked at me and said, what are you waiting for, get naked and bring that big dick over here and let Betty see for herself what I have been telling her. I took off my clothes and started stroking as I walked towards them. Gina wouldn’t let Betty see me so when I got next to her, I rubbed my hard cock against the side of her face. She looks back and over her shoulder and says , fuck Gina you weren’t k**ding. Gina say, come here and sit beside me baby so she can get a better look at you. I sat beside her and with wide eyes, Betty looks straight at my hard dick point up towards my belly and leaking. Gina bent over, licked up the pre cum and then takes my cock in her mouth and sucked it hard causing me to moan. then she looks at Betty and says, it taste better than it looks, you want a taste?
Betty moved over to me, took my dick in her hand and told Gina that she can,t even get my hands around it, not sure if it will fit in my cunt and I got a fat one. She started lick me lick a ice cream cone from the head to my heavy full balls. When she got to my balls she would suck on one before coming back up. Gina stood up and said I am going to leave you two alone to enjoy yourselves. i said are you sure. She said yes, I can have you whenever I want, I want her to experience what I have several times. Plus people will be looking for me. With that she dressed, said have fun baby, don’t break her and headed back to her party.
Betty went back to sucking my dick. While she was doing it she was playing with her pussy. She looked up at me and said please fuck, beat my pussy up with this monster. I said go for it. She laid on her back and said fuck me hard and deep I want to feel it in my gut. I got between her legs and fed her pussy my dick balls deep on the first shove. She scream out holy fuck baby I have never been stretch this wide. I been fucking white dick for so long and it would take two at the same time and it wouldn’t feel this good. She spread her legs wide and she said make me feel it for a week. I have only been fucked by small dick white guy, good to have a BBC fuck me.
I gave her my dick like she wanted, and she has been moaning so loud I am surprised nobody up stairs heard her. She has already had three orgasms and I don,t thinks shes done and add to it she is a squirter. I wanted to fuck her from behind, so I pulled out and told her to turn over. I didn’t waste anytime grabbing her hips and rammed my dick into her as hard as I could causing her to grunt out loud. I bent over her back and grabbed her tits for better leverage. I pulled and pinched her nipple and she cried out yes daddy fuck that slutty wet cunt.
I was ready for a position change. I pulled out and laid on my back and said, ride my long fat dick. She climbed on facing me and dropped down on me with her full body weight and I was pushing up to meet her to get even deeper. She fucked me for about fifteen minutes and I started getting that feeling and told Betty I was going to cum She said she wanted it on my face and tits. She laid on her back with her face under my dick. I push my cock in her throat and fucked her face like I fucked her pussy. She was playing with her pussy at the same time. She let cock fall out of her mouth a screamed that she was cumming. She squirted about a foot in the air. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was pissing. Then she started sucking on my full heavy balls. Betty said. Betty said you have have the biggest balls I have ever seen, I can barely get one in my mouth, I know you have a big load for me, come om baby, I want that hot cum all over my body. I felt my dick swelling and my balls getting tight. I moaned I am cumming. the first shot hit her forehead. then the next couple covered her face and then I finishes covering her tits. She was covered with my cum. I pushed my cock in her mouth so she could finish draining and cleaning my dick. she sat up with cum dripping off her face and said that was fucking amazing, I have never been so full of dick and had such a big load shot all over me. she got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, Fuck, she has a hot ass, if I get to fuck her again it’s going to be in her ass. She got dressed and then bent over and gave my dick a few more sucks.She said after giving me such a big load I can’t believe your still hard, do you want me to send Gina down to take care of it. I said no, I will hide it with my shirt. She gave me a kiss and said thanks for the dick, I will never forget it. She left me there still naked with a hard-on. it didn’t take long before I was soft enough to get dressed. I went back up stairs.
I saw Bonnie talking with a group of people with a man with his arms around her with his hand on her ass. Lisa was over in a corner of the kitchen, pinned in a corner with a black man, and it looked like he was grinding against her pussy. I could also see that his hand was in her top playing with a big bare tit. She saw me, winked and gave me a smile. She’s such a slut, because their were people near them and she didn’t care.
I found Gina chatting with a lady from work whom I assumed was another doctor. Her name was Sara. She was about 5’7″, 110 pounds, very skinny with a flat ass and almost flat chested, easily a very small A cup. She was older than most of the guest, about fifty. Not ugly but not pretty either. But she did have a great and flirty personality. Gina introduced use and Sara said so you’re the one Gina has be bragging about. Her description doesn’t do you any justice. So is your dick as big as she says. I looked at Gina in shock. I figured that I need to go along with this,Gina and I will talk about it later. I told Sara that she would have to decide for yourself. Then she came back with I am came whenever you want to let me decide. Gina said no time like the present.
Sara took my hand and dragged me to the bathroom. When we walked in, it was occupied, It was Lisa bent over the sink getting the hell fucked out her by the black guy. I said to her, you could have locked the door. She looked over her shoulder and said my bad. the guy fucking her didn’t miss a stroke.I took Sara up stairs to the master bedroom, nobody should come in here.
Sara OK, let see if the rumor is true. I slowly unbuckled my belt and pants trying to tease her. I stepped out of my shoes and slowly pulled down my pants and when she saw the semi bulge in my underwear she gasped. Then even slower I pulled down my underwear and when my dick popped out, she got eyed and said what the fuck, what a monster. I know I only wanted to see it, but I have to have that in my cunt. Before I could say anything, she was quickly undressing. In less than a minute I am look at woman that was far from was far from attractive with saggy tits that looked like deflated balloons. But I have to admit, she was turning on, my dick swelled to maximum length and g,irth. She wasn’t wanting any foreplay, she just got on her hands and knees and said please fuck me now.
I got behind her, rubbed the head of my dick to lube it a little, she was already wet and dripping. I was sliding in her slow and I only got half of my dick in her and she started cumming with a loud oh fuck. By the time I got balls deep in her pussy she had cum twice. She looked back at me and told me that has never happen before, but I never had a cock this big before. I started fucking her deep and hard and she is moaning loud about how good it was. I grabbed her saggy tits and pulled on them. Surprising they felt good. Soft and saggy with big hard nipples. We fucked like that for about fifteen minutes, so I told her to get on her back and I will fuck her even harder. When she laid down her tits fell off to the side so she almost looked flat chested. I could tell that sometime before she had a hell of a rack.
I slide deep into her wet pussy with ease. As long as we have been fucking she is still really tight. Every time I thrust my dick into her she gasped. I lifted one of her saggy tits and out her hard nipple in mouth and sucked on it hard, almost biting. She screamed loud and said I’ cumming. This time she squirted and when I pulled out she squirted on my chest, if I didn’t know otherwise I would swear she was pissing on me. When she stopped I got back inside her and fucked her even harder. I was getting feeling so I asked her where she wanted, she said fill my slutty cunt, I want to feel your hot baby making cream. That was all it took, i sucked her other nipple and pushed my cock as deep as I could and started filling her with my cum. she moaned and came again. I laid on her chest with her nipple still in my mouth sucking it. I got off of her with my big load leaking out of pussy. She said thanks for fucking me with my first BBC and the biggest cock ever in my pussy. I am done fucking white guys with tiny dicks. I am now officially a black cock whore, then. She went to the bathroom to clean up, she didn’t want to go back to the party smelling freshly fucked.
When we got back up stairs, we found Gina talking to this blonde. When I got closer, I saw Sharon. She was looking good. She was wearing a tie die looking thing that looked like a toga. Because it was semi sheer you could make out the out line of her tits and nipples, I am almost positive she is naked under it. When we got to Gina she said his and gave me a kiss. She ask Sara if she saw what she was wondering about. Sara said, and I have to try it on for size. Gina said oh good, did it fit you. Sara told her it wasn’t easy but it did.
I said hi to Sharon and gave her a big hug. I whispered in her ear how hot she looked and that I bet you are naked underneath. She whispered back that’s abet you would win. I stepped back beside Gina and put my arm around her tiny waist. I asked where was John. She said that she left him at home, he would just get in the way of my fun. She said she was going to mingle. Gina said, but you don’t know anyone. Sharon grabbed her tits and said that won’t be a problem.
Gina and I found somewhere to sit to talk. I asked, what’s with you pimping me out to your friend. She said not pimping, loaning. I playfully told not to play word games with me. She said, I get so excited when I think about that it shows on my face, so I had to confess to some of them. A few of them couldn’t believe that your dick is as big as I told them and that you know how to use it. I said GEEZ Gina, you could have giving me a heads up. She said OK, I am going to loan you out to some of my closets friends. I said well it kind of late now I already fucked them. She gave me a look and said not all of them. I said fuck, how many more, I still have to spend the night with you and Sharon, if you keep this up I’ll be useless to you. She said I doubt that, you fuck like a machine all night, no matter how much you fuck and cum. I guess she got me their. I had to ask her, how many more. She said only two more, and went to point them out to me. One was Lucy. She was about 6’0″ tall with tits bigger than Lisa. They looked like two basketballs on her chest. She was a big girl, I would say about 250#, but she is very pretty. Gina said that she is a wild one, even more than Lisa. That is hard to believe. The second one is Mary. Mary is 180 degrees from Lucy. She about 5’1″, maybe 100# very shapely and I would guess A cup tits. She was wearing a tank top with no bra showing her nipples and a mini jean skirt that show a lot of her sort leg. Gina said she is kind of shy at first, but after she has had a few drinks she begins to loosen up.
I asked her if she has seen Bonnie and Lisa, I saw her at the beginning of the night hugged up to some guy. I saw Lisa dry humping a black guy in the corner of the kitchen and the when I went in a bathroom to what I thought was to just show Sara my dick, Lisa was there bent over the sink getting fucked. Gina said she saw outside fucking one of the doctors. She truly is a whore. Well at least she is to busy to bother me. we both laughed at that. While we were sitting there we were groping each other discreetly. I quietly to her that I wanted to fuck now right here on this sofa in front of everyone. She said wait a couple of hours and you might see fucking all over the house. I said really. She said yes. Doctors and Nurses spend at least twelve hours a day almost everyday and they have to be professional and proper. When they get the chance to let their hair done they get drunk and fuck everything in site. I can bet almost everyone here has fucked someone here. The only couple here is us. I could only say wow.
She said let mingle some more and I will introduce you to Lucy.Gina said thanks baby for doing this for me, I know we are not an official couple but I love you, your the best. I told her, how could I refuse anything you ask, even if mean fucking a few of your friends. Also I love you too. We saw Lucy and Sara over the by kitchen.
We walked over, they saw us coming and they both had a suspicious look on their face. Gina introduced me to Lucy. She said I thought that maybe Gina had built you up a little to much, but after talking to Sara I guess she wasn’t, you hot babe. Then without missing a beat and with no tact, she said to Gina, when do I get to fuck your boyfriend. I said excuse me , I am right here and as far as I know that is my choice. Sara said please, you were supposed to show you dick to Sara and ended up fucking her. What, I’m not good enough for you. Told her no and that’s is not what I said. Gina chimed in as said honey, you’re wasting your time arguing with her. I took Lucy hand and said come with me. Before I left, I stopped, gave Gina and hug and a kiss and said this is how you show someone you love them. She said Lets get through the night and we will talk in the morning. After a pause, she said I love you too.