The Sissification of Mmarsha

Sissy Mmarsha: The Sissification of Mmarsha.

Sissy Mmarsha: The Sissification of Mmarsha.
The feminization of me

Yummy for sure

Hi my new name is Mmarsha. How did I go from a man to Sissy Mmarsha? Simply by one Sissy Porn Hypnosis video at a time.

Now you probably are thinking that can’t happen to me I thought the same thing.

Now I wish so bad to be like the gurl getting cum rained on in the above photo.

It all started with one cock a long time ago in a hay mow far far away……….. . Then older boys took turns first shoving their throbbing cocks up my ass and then down my throat. That was years ago, fast forward 40 years and………………………………………..

You have The Sissification of me! my real name is Kram Nosredneh


Journal Entry·
on June 20 2019
Today I made the mistake of posting my fantasy and a Daddy responded quickly. I had to apologize to him. Hope he did not get to big of a chub on.


My fantasy is for a couple of daddys to show up here where I live and pump me full of sperm. Yes one taking me from behind while the other guy shoves his cock down my throat until his balls rest on my chin.


I hit 6000 points today. This makes it hard to purge as 6000 is a lot of points to give up. Today I enrolled in an online dating site and they a record of where I live . For the past three days I have been happy knowing that I am going to suck cock. Its crazy I know,but down the rabbit hole I go. The desire is getting so strong …….. wow .

April 22 2019 I have accumulated 7200 points over 300 friends. Thank you so much everyone your kind words and wisdom are very encouraging.
I am still in sissy bliss and hopefully I will get the courage to finish the last enrollment issues with my new gay dating site. that was at 2:00 pm things are progressing just met a gurl on pornhub . She is very yummy. imageI have signed up with Fetlife where you can go pseudo and check on the sissys at your home town. On another note 400 friends 60 BJ 8833 points. When I hit 10,000 points and 500 friends I should step things up a notch any suggestions?

IG pup.chris
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11:03 PM – Oct 2, 2019
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April 23 10,000 points and almost 500 friends Thanks to everyone who made that possible. May 15 2019 18,000 points and fast approaching 800 friends when will these sissy feelings end. I flip back and forth should i suck cock ?
June 20 2019 still evolving…..
June 29 I am finding new friends on Pinterest, Christina is one of them. My gender dysphoria continues to vacillate back and forth. I can’t be sure of what may trigger it. I phoned a gay guy that I installed a garage door for a few years back ,but he did not pick up on my subtle hints about lubricating his shaft and knob.
July 5 Mmarsha is back stronger and taking control bb.