[For Conner. I have no idea where he went, nor what he’s up to today, but, I still remember him. This story is for him!]

The last time I ever laid eyes on Conner he was walking along on the sidewalk with two other friends of his. They were carrying skateboards and talking and laughing about something. He didn’t notice me as I drove by (or, if he did, he didn’t let on that he had). As I drove on, I thought back to the last time he dropped by the glory hole in my backyard garage, and how nice that big, hard, beautifully circumcised cock of his had looked jutting through on my side of the glory hole…and wonderful it had been to spend some quality time sucking it, and working it over with as much enthusiasm as I could show.

I could remember the muffled sound of his voice coming through from the other side of the plywood divider panel as my mouth kept up it’s loving (and lustful) attention on his perfect cock.

“Oh–FUCKYESSS!!” He’d said, repeatedly, and the sound of his unmistakable pleasure gave me my own special pleasure in return!

He was 19 years old, and I knew he was thinking of going to college, so I was very much aware that I’d probably never see him again after that. He’d likely forget all about me and the glory hole, and though I understood that, I still felt somewhat wistful. So, I was determined to make the most of the time that Conner was still here; and I drained every drop of his cum from his balls EVERY CHANCE I GOT!

Conner had a girlfriend (actually, he had several young women interested in him), but he said I sucked cock better than any of them, and so I was deeply flattered, and motivated to keep him coming back for as long as I could!

When Conner got ready to come, his cock would stiffen, and I could feel it throbbing and pulsing, getting ready to expel every drop of his cum, and sometimes I slow down a little in order to make the moment last just a little bit longer, as well as enhance the pleasure of his ejaculations—but we were both eager for that to happen, and I’d hold his cock in my mouth as he erupted (as he always did) a massive amount of the warm, thick and creamy sperm—that I craved so much!

As he’d come he always said: “Oh FUCKYESSSS!!!” Again and again, over and over, as he emptied his balls into my greedy mouth; and even after he’d stopped ejaculating, I’d still suck and slurp his slowly sagging cock; reluctant to see the end of this wonderful experience.

“Wow,” I’d always say. “That was awesome, Conner! Mmmm. Really! Thank you so much!”

“Yeah,” he’d reply. “It was great. Thank you!”

I loved it when he thanked me; and his sincerity was equally gratifying!

“I always love sucking your cock,” I’d add.