He was sweet. I could tell he genuinely cared about me. In past relationships – if you can call them that – I was a trophy: the high school or college cheerleader you bragged to your buddies about; later, arm candy to show off, add inches to your dick.

But Jerry was different. He just liked being with me; he wasn’t just hanging around to get into my pants. And when he finally did, he was a thoughtful and considerate lover. And I found that – to my surprise – to be far more important than cock size. Jerry had a small cock but he wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about it. And he no reason to be; it was a cute little cock.

Besides, men with big cocks had been a disappointment to me. I always thought if I found one with a big enough cock, I would have my first vaginal orgasm. Though my search led me to some pretty pleasurable cocks – nothing like the feeling of being completely filled – the pleasure always stopped just short of orgasm. Of course I couldn’t be honest about it – men with big cocks have enormous egos. So I faked orgasms to keep them from ramming away at me until I was raw.

Jerry was a breath of fresh air. He begged me to teach him how to please me. And even though he was inexperienced and fumbled about at first, it was a huge turn-on to have someone explore my body with such joy and abandon. Soon he was giving me orgasm after orgasm. But still, that elusive vaginal orgasm was just beyond my grasp.


Drinking while horny is a no-no for me; it always leads to trouble. And the night of Matt’s birthday party I was really horny. Jerry held me down and gave me forty minutes of delicious head before we left. My pussy was still dripping when we arrived. I told myself I’d nurse one drink to be sociable. Well, one drink lead to three more before I caught this big black stud eyeing me pretty hard. I tried to be coy about it but I was fixating on his huge “package,” behaving like a bitch in heat.

There was no use playing games anymore; I was going to fuck him and he knew it. I headed down the hallway; he slyly followed. Within seconds of finding a dark hideaway I had his huge salami in my hand. I’d never felt a cock so heavy. This was it; it had to be: I was finally going to get my vaginal orgasm.

I just gave him some light head to start; I wanted him in me so bad I was about to burst. And when he did enter me, I swear to God, I saw stars. It was an incredible feeling – for about five minutes. I knew the train wasn’t going to leave the station. I was about to fake another orgasm when the lights suddenly flickered on.