The Strict Boss Amrita – Part 1The Strict Boss Amrita – Part 1 2
I need a break”, Aman thought to himself. It was 7 o’clock in the evening on a hot April day in Delhi, and here he was sitting in his office chair glued to his screen.

Since his college days, Aman had always been into outdoor activities. He loved traveling. Playing sports was natural to him. He represented his college in track events, played football for his college team and yet here he was putting on weight by sitting on his office chair daily.

He had often caught himself daydreaming and thinking how amazing it would be to get a day back in his college. After all, he was one of the most popular guys in college and had an incredible body which was clearly admired by the hungry eyes of girls and women in his college.

He had often felt girls looking through his clothes just to have a piece of him. But then those days were gone and he was snapped back to reality on his office desk.

“Aman, would you stop day-dreaming and do some bloody work?”, shouted his boss.

His boss Amrita Singh was a stern lady, another reason for Aman to hate his job. But you could understand her behavior, she was a self-made entrepreneur who had worked in her entire twenties to make a living for herself and had married a husband chosen by parents because he was a son of a successful businessman.

There were rumors that Amrita’s husband would remain drunk all day and cared negligibly about his wife, her business or any work, but those were just rumors.

“Ma’am, I will just get it done”, said Aman. “You better”, said Amrita, a bit harshly.

Amrita turned to leave. As she moved, Aman couldn’t help but take a deep breath of the perfume Amrita was wearing which was intoxicating. It took him a couple of seconds to recover from it. His eyes couldn’t help but track his boss’ movements and he was stunned as he always was looking at her.

Amrita that day was wearing black shorts which showed ample amount of her thighs and a white tight shirt which hugged her slight plump upper body rather too tightly.

Even though Amrita was in her early thirties, she never looked one bit over her twenties. She was 5’8, wore heels to add a few inches, had black hair which she had colored dark brown and which flowed over her shoulders. She had dark black devilish eyes and sexy breasts which left many jaws open.

From behind, she looked even more thrilling because of her long well-tanned legs and her curvaceous ass. Amrita knew she looked extremely hot and she loved all the attention she got.

She liked to make guys drool over her. It excited her to see guys hungry to lay a hand on her but no one could as she was their boss and a strict one. She loved being desired, it gave her a distinct high.

Aman heard her boss scream at one or two more of her employees. She then went to her office and closed the door with a loud thud. Amrita went inside took a deep breath and looked at herself in her mirror and a smile came across her lips. She loved herself.