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My name is James and let me narrate to you a story which happened to me last year. I had come home for my summer break and was enjoying my vacations at home, when one day one of our relatives called up my dad and asked for me to visit his place for some ritual. This relative of mine lived in a village nearby and had the couple themselves and 4 daughters in their family. Out of the 4, 3 were already married and I had heard that they have fixed the last one’s marriage being due after like 6 months, in the winter. When I enquired with my dad about the ritual, he just said, its because they fixed up the younger daughter’s marriage so they have this ritual to be conducted by the cousin brother who is still not married.

I didn’t bother too much and decided to go in the next day in the morning itself. I did call up the relative about my coming tomorrow and reached to his place the next day at around 9-9.30am.

His name was Rakesh, in his sixties, his wife Ramila was in her fifties and their 3 other married daughters, all of them in their late twenties or early thirties, were there on summer vacations with 2 k**s. I think the elder 2 sisters had one c***d each. All of them welcomed me in their living room and gave me light breakfast and tea. We chatted for a while and then Rakesh uncle told me to come with him to his shop, where he needed to talk about something. I left with Rakesh uncle to his shop which was not too far from his house.

Uncle – I would really like to thank you for coming over for the ritual.

Me – There’s no need to thank me. Its totally fine.

Uncle – So, did your dad explain to you about the ritual?

Me – No, not really. What is it?

Uncle – OK, so as you know, my younger daughter Krupa’s marriage has been fixed with XYZ. And, we have this ritual in our family that a cousin brother who is not married, would deflower the to-be bride before the marriage. So, we want you to spend time with Krupa and show her the joy of making love.

Me – (Shocked and laughing) Are you serious or is this is a joke of some kind? Is this really a family ritual?

Uncle – Yes, beta. Everyone in the family has gone through this.

Me – So, what happened during your other daughters?

Uncle – Your elder cousins, Ajay and Vijay did the others. But because they are married, they cant do the ritual.

Me – OMG, how come no one ever told me about this ritual ever?

Uncle – It is a ritual which is followed from generations where, we don’t send virgin brides for the marriage.

Me – ok, got it uncle. I’ll do it, but doesn’t Krupa know about all this.