This story is exactly as it happened, to the best of my recollection.

I’ve told this story a lot, cause it’s my fondest memory. I’d dreamed of seeing a girl pose for real for a long, long time, even phoning models in the Sport and asking if I could see them pose, but never had the nerve to go through with it.

There were so-called ‘photo-studios’ down in Soho where they gave you a camera and the girl on reception would go in the studio, take off all Her clothes till She was stark nude while you take photos – or so I guessed. Maybe She wasn’t nude, maybe if you’re a normal man you don’t bother with photos but ‘do stuff’ with Her. I never had the nerve to do any more than ask for spare photos, which they never had (until Miss Lisa), though on one occasion the receptionist/nude model was wearing a low-cut top, making me spunk my pants in front of Her. She was a little surprised but unconcerned, so maybe I should have taken that hint.

I got close to going into a studio on a couple of occasions, but always bottled it. You see, I’d never had relations with a girl, was always uncomfortable and inadequate in their presence, which only happened when I was at work, I didn’t socialise, I’d never seen a girl naked and was happy spending time with my magazines, videos and TV, or looking out my window and later going out and about in my rainmac.

I’d only ever seen girls fully-dressed, apart from a few occasions in clubs or looking out over a beach. And fully-dressed, sexy-dressed was enough, and I spunked down my wall many times watching girls walk down the street. Seeing girls go-go dance in short skirts, once in a bikini, would make me cum in my pants very easily. On the rare occasions I saw girls in bikinis close enough, I’d instantly spunk my pants.

The thought of seeing a girl nude scared me quite a bit, and on that occasion when I’d actually gone into a studio where an amateur photo-shoot was going to take place – desperate by then to see a girl pose for real – I ran out, terrified that the girl would come into the studio, throw off Her robe and be naked.

So when the advert came up in the Sport for Terri’s Glamourworld, a studio for amateurs to take pics of girls, I of course phoned up, and then went along to ask for spare photos as usual. To my surprise, the receptionist did have some, and sold me as many as I could afford. She was dressed in a sort of business suit, and I behaved myself.

Of course I was going to go back as soon as I could and buy more photos, not just because She’d sold me nice ones of girls in skimpy outfits, but because I love buying pics of girls from a girl. Any opportunity to talk to a girl on the phone – far easier for me than face to face – was taken advantage of, and I phoned the studio to ask if there would be any more pics I could buy. A different girl answered, who turned out to be one of the models who posed for men to take pics, glamour and nude.