When I first saw Laura, my heart almost stopped. She was so gorgeous!

The Widow Next Door
I have a new neighbor! She’s a gorgeous brunette and she just bought the condo next door. It had been vacant for several months because it was so expensive, so she must have money as well as good looks.
I only saw her briefly in the hallway, and that wasn’t long enough, so I went next door and knocked.
“Hi! I’m Bill Thomas and I live next door. Welcome to Xanadu.”
“Thanks, Bill. I’m Laura Lane. I feel so lucky to have found this place! It’s just what I’ve been looking for.”
“Well, I’m sure you’re busy and I don’t want to bother you and your husband. Just knock on my door if you need any help.”
“Thank you, Bill, but I’m not married.”
“Oh!” That was delightful news.
“No. I’m a widow.”
“Oh gosh. I’m sorry, Laura.”
“Thanks. It’s been tough, but I’m alright.”
“Well, if you need two strong arms to help move furniture of something, just knock.”
“Thanks, Bill. I know I’ll need help putting my bed together.”
“Great! I’m available, so don’t hesitate to knock.”
“I’m sure I will before bedtime.”
“Okay. I’ll be right next door. Bye.”
“Bye, Bill.”
When I went back home, my heart was beating wildly. Laura was gorgeous, needed my help; and she is not married! Things were looking up! Maybe she’ll want me to test her bed with her!
Around six that evening, there was a knock on my door and my stomach did a somersault. It was probably Laura.
“Hi, Bill. Is now a bad time for you to help me with my bed?”
“Not at all. Lead the way.”
In her bedroom, we had to man-handle the king-size sleigh bed. The headboard and footboard were massive, but the rest was easy.
“Phew! Thanks, Bill. You’re a lifesaver.”
“I was glad to help.”
“Now! One more thing.”
“Can you recommend a good seafood restaurant? I’m hungry for a big lobster.”
“Great! The best place on Cocoa Beach is not far away. It’s right on the Banana River, so you can watch the sunset as you eat.”
“Oh, that sounds wonderful! Thank you!”
“However, you have to let me take you there. My treat.”
“Aww. That’s sweet, but you just helped me have a place to sleep tonight, so the least I can do is treat you to dinner.”
“No way!” I replied, knowing that I would be spending dinner with Laura, no matter who paid for it.
“I insist or I won’t go.”
“Hmm. I haven’t told you the name of this restaurant.” I was trying to negotiate but fully intended to let Laura win.
“Come on, Bill. I’m sure I can find it with a few phone calls.”
She knew she had me, so I said, “Okay. Your treat.”
– – – – –
Over dinner where Laura had Maine lobster and I had a halibut steak, I learned a lot about her. She was a model (I could see why) and had been since she was a teenager. She’d lost her husband in a car accident a year ago and didn’t have any k**s.
The more I learned, the more I liked. Laura was gorgeous and available! And lived right next door! Nothing could be better. Needless to say, I started to have fantasies about taking her to bed; making love to her for hours; then sleeping with her in my arms. My cock was growing as my fantasy progress, then…
“Hey, Bill! Where are you?” she asked as she waved her hand before my eyes.
“Oh! I’m sorry. I have a fetish when it comes to beautiful hair, and yours is so beautiful that I got temporarily distracted. Sorry.”
“That’s interesting. I’ve never met a guy with a hair fetish before.”
“This is embarrassing, Laura.”
“Oh, don’t be embarrassed! Tell me about it. please.”
“Well, there’s not much to tell. I just love to run my fingers through soft silky hair. And I especially love to shampoo it.”
“Really! That’s very interesting. Maybe I should hire you to shampoo my hair,” she said with a smile; obviously joking.
“Ha, ha. I know you’re joking, but I would do it…and for free.”
“Hmm. Let me think about that.”
That ended the conversation about my fetish. Thank god. I hadn’t intended to ever reveal that to Laura or to anyone else.
– – – – –
Back at her door, Laura kissed me on both cheeks and said, “Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Bill. We must do it again sometime soon.”
“The pleasure was all mine, Laura.”
As I was about to walk away, she asked, “Would you like to come in? I have a bottle of white zin in the fridge.”
“You won’t have to twist my arm for that. I’d love to.”
We’d shared a bottle of white wine over dinner, so I wasn’t sure just how much more I could drink without getting sleepy. That’s how wine affects me. Laura, on the other hand, appeared to be feeling no pain and was laughing, kissing me on the cheek, and just being very friendly. Then she brought out a photo album of her modeling pictures.
The Widow Next Door 2As she leafed through them, I said, “You have always been so gorgeous, Laura!”
“Thanksh, Bill.”
At one point she said, “Bill, you can run your fingersh through my hair if you like.”
She was a little drunk, but I was not going to pass up her invitation. So, I put my arm on the back of the sofa behind her head and began to do what I’d been wanting to do all night.
“Oh, Laura! Your hair feels so soft and silky! I could do this all night.”
“Really?” she said through blurry eyes. “Okay. But you’ll have to shampoo it in the morning.”
I knew I shouldn’t take advantage of her tipsy state, but my cock said, “Do it! Maybe I can fuck her after she goes to sleep!”
I told it to shut up and said, “Okay. It’s a deal.”
Then Laura stood up and set right back down. “Oh! I think I’ve had too much wine.”
“I think you have too. Maybe I should go.”
“Nope. A deal ish a deal. You get to run your fingersh through my hair all night, and for that, you have to shampoo it in the morning.” Then she stood up again and with my arms around her for support, we went into her bedroom.
“Bill, I alwaysh shleep in the nude, and you have to too or I’ll be embarrashed,” she said with slurred speech. Then she got out of the sundress she’d been wearing and crawled into bed. Her gorgeous, perfect body was soon under the covers.
“Hurry up, shlow poke,” she said as she tried to stay awake.
“So, I quickly undressed and crawled into bed with gorgeous, nude, model Laura Lane. As I put my arm around her, she cuddled her nude body to mine and laid her head on my shoulder. With her long brown hair spilling down her back, I began to slowly run my fingers through it.
“Mmm. That’s nish,” Laura whispered just before going to sleep. But not before crossing one leg over mine.
I laid there for as long as I could, enjoying the feel of her silky hair and the feel of her leg against my hard-on, but finally went to sleep as well.
– – – – –
I woke up a few hours later when I felt a tongue in my mouth and a hand stroking my cock. It took a second or two to remember where I was and that gorgeous Laura was kissing me and stroking me!
So, I grabbed a handful of her hair and rolled on top of her. By then my cock was so hard that it would not be denied.
Laura spread her legs and guided my cock into her pussy, then I pushed it all the way in.
“Mmm! Fuck me, Bill. It’s been so long. I need you so much,” she whispered as she raised her legs around my waist.
I slid one hand under her ass, grabbed a handful of her hair with the other, then started to slowly and deeply fuck her. She moaned with each deep thrust and squeezed my cock with her very experienced muscles.
“Oh, fuck! You feel so good inside me!” Laura whispered in my ear. “You fuck me so good.”
“I can’t last long, Laura. This is just too good.”
“That’s okay. I’m about to cum.”
I increased my thrusting pace and less than a minute later, we had mutual orgasms. Laura moaned loudly through hers, which must have lasted a full minute.
Then when I started to shoot off, she groaned and had another one! When it was over, I rolled off and she cuddled up to me again and we went right back to sleep.
– – – – –
The next morning, we slept until half-past eight. When I woke up, Laura still had her head on my shoulder and had my flaccid cock in her hand.
I laid there remembering that I’d had sex with this gorgeous model that was asleep on my shoulder. It was almost a dream the way she’d almost m*****ed me while I slept.
Then she woke up and said, “Good morning, lover. Your stallion is still asleep.”
“Yeah. You wore him out last night.”
The Widow Next Door 3“I did? I loved our middle-of-the-night sex. It’s so good that way. All of my senses are so aroused that anyone could be fucking me and I’d love it. But I’m glad it was you.”
“Me too. You were like a horny a****l.”
“I was, wasn’t I? That’s the way I felt.”
I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, pushed the hair away from her face, and said, “You are so gorgeous in the morning.”
“Aww,” she said and kissed me. “Compliments like that will get you laid.”
“Oh really,” I replied. Then I quickly rolled her over on her stomach, straddled her legs, and pushed my cock deep into her as she raised her ass to help me.
“Oh, Bill. I love the way you just take me! It makes me horny.”
“Good, because I feel horny for you.” Then I pulled her hands behind her back and started to pump into her like she didn’t want it. I tried to make it last, but Laura was too gorgeous a girl, especially this way. She was starting to struggle and fight me, which made us both cum within five minutes.
After it was over, I leaned over, pulled her hair away, and kissed her behind the ear.
“Mmm. It felt like you were r****g me.”
“I was pretending that I was.”
“Well, you can burst in and do that again any time you want. I love to be taken like that. It’s so primitive!”
“I’ll hold you to that.”
“Now, you have to shampoo my hair. That was part of our deal.”
“I know. But there’s one thing I didn’t tell you.”
“And what is that?”
“I want a blowjob while I shampoo your hair.”
“Oh! That sounds erotic! I’ll gladly do that.”
“Okay. Let’s go.”
When Laura put her head under the shower to get her hair wet, it reached almost to her butt, which got my juices going. So, I walked up behind her, slid my arms around her waist, and pushed my cock against her butt.
“Who is that behind me? Do you want something.”
I pulled her ass to my stomach, causing my cock to slide between her legs. “It’s a boogeyman and I want a blowjob.”
“Mmm! I hope you have a big cock, Mr. boogeyman.”
“I think you’ll gag on it.”
“Mmm! Then I’ll suck it.”
Then Laura turned around, put her arms around my neck and we kissed.
“I’m so glad that you’re as horny as I am,” she whispered.
The Widow Next Door 4“I can’t help but be horny with you, the most gorgeous and sexiest girl I’ve ever known.”
“Oh, boogeyman! That’s going to get you a nice, long blowjob,” she said as she knelt down and took my hard cock into her mouth.
I got the shampoo, poured about half the bottle on her hair, and worked up a good lather. Then as Laura gave me a deep throat blowjob, I shampooed her hair. It must have taken me twenty minutes to shoot off, but Laura didn’t seem to mind. She just sucked and gagged until my balls we finally empty.
But during that time, I immensely enjoyed getting my finger deep into her soapy hair.
When Laura realized that she was not going to milk my cock for any more cum, she stood up, put her arms around my neck, and said, “What would I have to pay you, boogeyman, to shampoo my hair like that every morning?”
“Oh, let me think. I guess I would do it for free if a nice blowjob goes with it.”
Then I backed her head under the shower and took five minutes to rinse the shampoo out. The whole time we were French kissing and getting aroused again.
Then she whispered, “Bill. I can’t believe that you live right next door! You’re my favorite boogeyman.”
“And you are the best fuck in the world. What can I do to make sure you never get away from me?”
“Oh gosh! You’d have to marry me I suppose.”
“Deal,” I said as I pushed her against the wall and took her from behind.
“Oh, boogeyman! I love it this way!”
– – – – –
The Widow Next Door 5Laura and I exchanged house keys so we could come and go easily. But I used mine about once a week to burst in and take her in the middle of the night. She’d always struggle a little, then give in. That was our favorite game…
Until we got married. Then I would grab her while she was getting dressed or cooking breakfast or dinner. I would put my hand over her mouth, drag her into the bedroom, tear her clothes off, and take her from behind. I would always leave her exhausted and lying on the bed. I’d walk out of the room like I’d had my fill of her.
She’d call to me, “Come back boogeyman! Fuck me again!”
I’d leave her there for ten to fifteen minutes, then go back and fuck her again. She’d always have three or four orgasms before I shot off.
That became our favorite game and we never got tired of it.