Something happened the other week, my wife came to me and said one of her friends was having a bad time and wanted our help so we offered for her to come and stay with us for a few days, I went and picked her up and she ran to me tears in her eyes hugged me and cried so I held her for a bit to comfort her.

I helped her with her bag and put it in the can and as we drove to my place my wife’s friend put her hand on my leg and said thank you I really need a friend close to me and her hand rubbed up my leg, I didn’t flinch as we used to flirt and tease each other with the wife around and it was all fun, so we got home and I told her “just go in babe I will get your bag” she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “thank you handsome where would I be without you” and she got out and I watched her going towards my house in her tight leggings.

That evening she had a bath and came to the front room wearing this skimpy little top that didn’t hide her ample bosom very well and a thong and nothing else, I think she knew I liked the site as she gave me a wink as she noticed my cock growing hard the wife noticed to and said “get a room you two and work it out” we all laughed at that comment. later that night she said she was going to go to bed as she was tired from the hard day she had and she came over and gave me and the wife a big hug and kiss and again said “thank you for everything and good night” we said night back and she left the room and went to bed me and the wife stayed and watched a bit more TV and then we went to bed ourselves.

As I watched a DVD in bed and the wife fell asleep I was getting in to the movie and then out of the corner of my eye I saw our bedroom door open and the wife’s friend walked in and she was naked, I took my headphones of and asked her if she was ok and wanted something and she looked at me and the wife and said to me “yes baby I want you, I want you to fuck me like you do her right here right now, I want your hard cock inside me I know you want it too please can I have it” she was walking to our bed as she was saying this and when she finished she was next to the bed and her hand was on the cover about to pull it off.

She pulled the covers and noticed I was naked and rock hard and she let out a little gasp “I didn’t know you was that big baby now I really want you and now I know why she is with you” so she climbed on the bed carefully so the wife was not disturbed and she bent down and took my cock in her hand and mouth and sucked it I could believe it her mouth was so warm and wet and she took my cock deeper than the wife ever had, I was in heaven with this blow job but just as my hips started to thrust forward she stopped and said “oh no bad boy you’re not Cumming in my mouth I want your hard cock stretching me open” with that she got up and straddled me and slowly lowered herself down my long hard shaft moaning as she went and she kept looking at my wife making sure she didn’t wake up. she took all my cock in to her wet pussy and then started to rock back and forward but she was not doing to fast enough so I grabbed her pulled her off and bent her over and I pushed my cock in hard as she bit on my pillow to stop from screaming out, I fucked her hard till I was about to cum and she called back “do it cum in me now please” and as she said that I felt a wave of cum from her flow over my cock as she had her orgasm and then as I felt that I shot my load deep inside her.