That was the wrong spot, I guess. Considering we almost got caught. I thought that rock outcropping on that hill was far enough away from town as to be remote enough for people not to be able to make out the details of what we were doing, even if they may have been able to see us a little. But I was wrong. It wasn’t far enough away or high enough up off the valley floor. We had to leave in a hurry.

The Wrong Spot

I always had this fantasy of fucking in the outdoors, out in the remote wilderness or a remote spot just near enough to civilization where there is a chance we could be seen. The possibility of being caught or even just watched is so exhilarating and turns me on even more. So my Daddy, my older boyfriend, decided to make my dreams cum true one day. We were in the California town of Banning just off the I-10 and drove on San Gorgonio Avenue south to where it splits and one road becomes the Banning-Idyllwild Highway 243 and climbs way up into the San Jacinto Mountains, while the other road is called the Old Idyllwild Road and heads toward some remote and very private ranch homes then turns into a dirt road. On either side of that dirt road, on the other side of some fences, are trails, smaller dirt roads, large rock formations, secluded canyons and rock slots, and open remote wilderness.

Most of the land was covered in chaparral, weeds, and cacti, with some trees located wherever the aquifer comes close to the surface or where the Winter rains gets trapped and seeps into the ground and mud, sticking around longer than normal. Just another thousand feet or so above us was the forest. We’re literally on the edge of Mt. San Jacinto that is, at 10,834 feet, the second tallest mountain in Southern California, and gets plenty of snow in the Winter.

The Wrong Spot 2
The trail we took was off to the right or north of the dirt road. A car couldn’t make it up that narrow trail and there was a fence with a locked gate blocking it anyways, so we had to park and walk the rest of the way. Here was a tall utility pole and I figured this land was all owned by the utility company so should be open to the public, like LADWP land is up near my old home of Bishop. So I thought we were not trespassing. I later found out that I was wrong, that an out-of-state bank owns it and has plans to develop it.

As we walked our arms were around each other, our hands grabbing each other’s asses. Both our cocks were engorged with blood and cum, making them want to burst through our pants in anticipation of the hot sex we plan on having when we reach our destination. The dirt trail gets rather steep and treacherous in parts, making us have to hold on to the ground or on to some weeds to help us climb up it. But we have a great reward cumming.