The Party by DCR

I was told to dress in a formal gown. This was very strange.
Master usually took me to parties in the most revealing costume he had.
I’ve been his slave for 4 years now, and never had such a request.

I knelt before my Lord.

“Stand up, Little Cunt.”, commanded master, “I want to see how
beautiful you look.”

I blushed. Master never called me beautiful. He knew I craved to be

Master looked me over, as a groom inspects his bride. I blushed again.
Since we’ve met, he’s whipped, slapped, jerked, and hate fucked me. I was
getting excited, and worried.

Master slowly caressed my hair. He looked me in the eye, then leaned
in to kiss me. A slow, gently, loving kiss. I returned it with great
passion. What game was master playing tonight? I didn’t care. It had
been a long time since I’d had such romance.

“Little Cunt”, he whispered in my ear, “Tonight will be a big test for you.”

I wondered at those words. Was this a game? It felt so good,
I didn’t care.

“Little Cunt”, he whispered again, “Tonight you prove your loyalty and
devotion to Me”.

He took my hand, and lead me to a waiting limo. I got in and started
to take my place at my master’s feet. He stopped me. He patted the seat next
to him. “Sit here, little Cunt.”, he said sweetly.

I slowly got up and sat beside my Master.

“Tonight you will be tested. Obey everything, and you will
be rewarded.”

I slowly put my head down on Master’s shoulder. He gently guided it down,
and sweetly combed my hair. I felt strange. I wanted to be shamed. I needed the
abuse. Why was I melting at this kindness?

We arrived at a mansion just out of town. My master turned to me.

“I will get out and go to the door ahead of you. You will raise your dress,
take off your panties, and give them to the driver.”, he commanded. “Make sure
he sees your wet pussy. Then you will follow me to the door.”

Before I could think, The door opened and Master got out. I didn’t know
just how to obey. I finally got out of the car, and stood up. The driver
stared at me. I turned to him, and slowly lifted my dress. I lowered my
panties slowly, revealing my pussy.

“God! What a Slut!”, shouted the driver.

I felt shame run through my body. My little cunt creamed. Yes I am a
no good shitty slut, I thought. I am a fuck’n whore!

I fought the need to cum. Master did not command it. I handed my panties
to the driver, as if it was a hundred dollar tip.

“Come back later, and I’ll give you a tip, WHORE!”, the driver sneered.

I slowly lowered my dress, and turned. I had not noticed that several
servants were watching my performance. I blushed. I felt cunt juice
stream down my legs. I turned and slowly followed my Master. I needed
to experience all the shame.