She looked over at the open door, “Ok all you guys can come in to get a better look,but no touching me!”

Erica soon noticed all the boys and men in the room had bulges. They gathered around her to take phone pics and video of her crossed leg pose. Her exposed thigh and stocking excited the group. They began to make lewd comments to test her. Hoping to arouse the milf as much as they were! They offered her money.

“For what?” She laughed back at them.

“Ok.” Someone said. “If we can’t touch you can we touch ourselves?”

She said nothing but tweaked her bottom into the couch her dress hiked up exposing more of her upper thigh. With a look of curiosity she gazed at each one of them. Her fingers slid seductively across the hem of the dress. She saw all the eyes in the room staring at the naked skin above the stocking top.Erica knew their plan was to jerk themselves and cum all over her nylon stretched legs and ample thighs. She thought asking to touch themselves was just being nasty and polite.

The youngest boy couldn’t help himself. As he pulled his 11″ boner out. He thought he and the rest of the guys had already spent so much time close to her; on their knees lusting over her… That she was old enough to know about him having to release the blue balls she created.

Erica had placed her hands on the couch. The group all at once moved toward her to peer down at her panties peeking out from under her dress. They huddle over her. Positioning against each other. To get the best naughty eyefull.

She looked up to see each of them pulling down their clothes. And the most subtle gasp escaped her. At the idea; that this crowd of dome stretched underwear was so moist. Erica squirmed slightly -the concept that each boy each man: would pull down hard to yank it free. She closed her mouth tightly now to witness the pornography in front of her. How they all intently let it spring out into view. Bounce, and bounce and gradually level off to point at her.Erica’s eyes moved her head to see every mushroom there. At last …the lot of them showing off their large erections. Everyone about the same size dripping precum as it poked into the air.

Some of the guys used two hands to jerk. The one-handers were filming the crossed legged fantasy. But all were pointing in the same direction. Erica knew their aim was to cum soak her stocking-clad thighs and long legs. To shoot ropes of spunk at the hem of her tight dress and on her exposed panties. The look of joy on theirs faces. Erica was uniquely aware of their efforts. Keeping their eyes on her lower body. While happily jacking their rock hard meaty dicks.