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Nicoles holes
Joe couldn’t help but notice Nicole and her nice juicy ass and soft inviting thighs. Nicole lived with her parents and she never really had a boyfriend so she didn’t know the taste of a hot dripping cock in her mouth. Nicole was a good girl and she was always helping others out especially when it came to house sitting.

And then one day, Nicole need help with her laptop computer and so she dropped it off to Joe. “I’ll take a look at it when I get a chance” he said, of course as soon as she was gone he was powering it up just to go through her browser history to see if she really was a good girl. As it turns out, she wasn’t as pure as she made herself out to be.

Joe saw a lot of pornographic websites that even he had never been to and started to wonder when she had time to go to all these sites. He remembered that she had to house sit for a friend last week. It turns out that she was visiting a lot of these sites while she was house sitting.

Joe’s cock got rock hard. He was thinking about what she must have been doing while she was surfing the web. Joe was thinking about how her panties must have been down around her ankles every night while she was house sitting.
He could envision her pussy juices running down between her butt cheeks and that only made him harder, he ended up blowing a big load of cum all over her laptop. He wasn’t going to clean it up at first, he was going to give it back to her with cum stains all over it, but he didn’t want her to know what he had found in her browser history and what happened afterwards so he cleaned his cum off her computer and got it ready to return to her the next day.

The next day, Joe told Nicole that her laptop was ready to go. She only lived a few houses down from Joe, so she decided to walk over. Joe knew this and was watching out of his bedroom window with his rock hard cock in his hand. He kept stroking his thick dick and then he saw her walking down the street, the sight of her double d tits nearly made him cum all over the curtains. He didn’t want to blow his load because he knew that he would soon get to see her curvy hips and juicy ass as she would soon be walking away after picking up her laptop.
Joe had the curtains partially open, part of him wanted her to see him jerking off. He knew that she liked looking at a lot of porn.