I was 21 and working at small hardware store. It was your typical hardware store. Nothing out of the ordinary. We did alot of bulk supply to construction companies and contractors. Upstairs was the office. Just a big open room with 10 desks each with a phone and computer That’s were the owner and like 3 sales people sat. I had a desk aswell in case I needed to look stuff up. The owner told me he hired someone as a book keeper and to straighten out the files. He told me she’d be coming in on Thursday and to show her around and give her a desk.
Thursday comes I open up the store and get things ready for the day. About 9am this beautiful woman comes in. Thin,tight body and dyed dark red hair. Very attractive. She introduces her self telling me her names Dana and that she was hired as a book keeper.I tell her my names Lou and I show her around. The hole time I’m just watching this beautiful thing look around. I’m staring at her ass. Thinking of all the things I would do to her. But knowing nothing will happen because I’m not that type of person.

Well I should explain why I’m not that type of person. Well to start I’m very shy when it comes to meeting people. I’m not ugly. I’m tall 6ft and very heavy. I don’t look it but I’m 355 pounds. I carry it well. But you know I’m self conscious sometimes about my body. I have big boobs from being chubby. But cant tell how big they are with clothes on. Being shy is one reason I never met a girl. And I find it had to tell someone hey I’m 21 and still a virgin.

So a week goes buy and I’m working and been chatting with Dana. Shes very nice. We talk and get to know each other. Shes 32 and broke up with her boyfriend. She has a small apartment in town. Just random things we talk about. Every time I’m with her I just undress her with my eyes But I don,t do nothing. She catches me a few times staring and just giggles. One day she ask what my last name was. I tell. She says “Oh I thought you looked and sounded familiar”. I’m standing there at a loss. She goes on ” were cousins.” I was kind of shocked. Turns out we are really cousins on my dad’s side. And I don,t remember her because I was little when we first met.

Friday comes I’m glad, I don’t work weekends because its usually quiet just regular customers no big orders to fill. My cousin walks in to start the day. She spots in one of the isles hanging new screwdrivers. She says ” you looked shocked that I said we are related the other day. I think I know why?” And she smirked. I just said ” I’m not big into family. I rather stay away. When they show up they either want something or cause trouble. The less family I talk to the better.” She looked a little disappointed to hear that. But she said “I want you to come to my place tonight. So we can hang out. I miss not having family to to talk to and I want to prove that some family is good and not all are crazy.” I agreed to go to her place after work.