So after work I head to her place. It’s a basement apartment. The door to apartment is in the back of the house and down some stairs. It’s a decent size studio with a bed, couch, tv, small kitchen and in corner a bathroom which was pretty big. We sat on the couch talking about our family and she remembered seeing me when I was a baby and family gatherings. Then we talked about relationships. She asked why I was single. I told I was just shy and not ready for relationship. Then she asked if I ever had sex. I was embarrassed to tell her no but wasn’t gonna lie. She looked at me a little strange and said that’s cool. Then she said ” I know another reason you were shocked to find out we are related.” I didn’t say anything. She goes” it’s because you have the hots for me. I’ve see you stare at me. I bet you jerked off to me a few times”. I didn’t move. Just sat there swearing a bit. “Tell me! You pictured your cousin playing with your cock. Haven’t you?”. I shook my head yes. “Mmmm,” she moaned, ” that’s hot. When you found out we are related did you still rub your cock to me?”. Again I just shook my head yes. ” Very kinky I like that. Incest is best they say” she said that as she got up and went into the bathroom.

I sat there my head was spinning. I was getting a little turned on. Didn’t know what was happening. The couch faces the wall to the bathroom door. As I was sitting there. The bathroom door swings open and my cousin walks out in a robe. ” I bet you’re wondering what I have on under here”, she said as she walked towards me. I shook my head in agreement but also in confusion. “Well if your a good boy I’ll show you, but you have to do what I say. Oh and there’s no backing out or I’ll tell the family that you’ve been hitting on me.” I’m sitting wondering what she means by me being a good boy. ” Stand up!” She yelled. I jumped to my feet. I stood there. She looked me over. ” You really a chubby thing. I’m gonna have fun with you.” She slid her hand under my t-shirt and grabbed my boob squeezing hard. Her nails digging into my flesh. “MMMM. You got big tits. You must be embarrassed that your tits are bigger than mine.” I stood there in sort of shock and a little turned on. My dick was getting hard. She moved her hand to my nipple and started to squeeze it. I moaned in pleasure. “Take your shirt off NOW!” She yelled. I took it off as quick as anything. Standing there with no shirt off my belly and boobs hanging out. ” Pathetic. No wonder you a virgin,” she snickered as she was looking at my chest. ” Take the rest of your clothes off. Let me see the rest of your fat body.” I did as i was told. Slid my pants off. There I was standing naked in my cousin’s apartment. My dick was hard. I’m 6 1/2 inches but standing with my belly hanging it looks smaller. “Pathetic,” she said again, “get down on all four and let me hear you oink a few times like a pig.” I got down on all fours and started oinking. My belly and boobs were hanging. She came over a gave my tits another squeeze. She gave my one of my nipples a good squeeze and a twist. It hurt with pleasure.